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Thank God he missed the Vespa

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by steve2909, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. Whooh that was close... the Vespa just made it!

  2. You can see how close he came to taking out the Vespa from this angle!
  3. I have a *really* stoopid question ..

    how exactly do you reckon someone's garage ends up looking like that? And I don't mean owning a Vespa - clearly that was a moment of weakness. I mean the whole one vehicle on top of another thing *laugh*
  4. You can still see the garage door underneath the F150.
    My guess is it hit the closed garage door, ripped it from it's tracks at the top, and then the door acted as a rudimentary ramp up onto the Ferrari.

    THAT or some nasty shop students rebuilt a Ford ontop of their principal's Modena as an end-of-school prank :p
  5. :LOL: :LOL: well at least his real transport wasnt dammaged
  6. OUCH! That would hurt the bank, I hope he had idiot driver insurance. How the FK do you manage that. :LOL:
  7. my guess is the vespa started 1st try and backfired, scared the shite outa the F150 and it jumped up on the ferrai to get away from the little terror

    :LOL: :LOL:

    or someone mistook the throttle for the brake, and went through the garage door and acting like an in built ramp lifted the F150 ontop of itself

  8. erm.. *laugh* in my head, that was like, gyprock or cardboard :)shock:) or some stupid thing I'd managed to "see" :p makes so much more sense that it's the garage door :)
  9. If you ownd a ferrari, why the heck would you also own a Vespa. Surely you would think they would be the sports bike type.... :LOL:
  10. he spent all his money on the ferrai...

    Gave the wife the vespa.
    Sounds fair :LOL:
  11. Italian is italian is italian :grin:

  12. pfff, it'll buff right off.