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Thank god for the cold weather!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Donuts, May 18, 2010.

  1. Doing my daily commute this morning, I'm coming up a hill that I like to give the bike a bit of schtick on. I've got my headphones in and can't hear the bikes revs, so once I check my speedo I realise I've entered "bye bye license" territory, when I usually never leave "expensive speeding tax" territory :angel:

    I get to the crest of this hill and start rolling the throttle off... As I do so, a car parked very neatly on the nature strip catches my eye - "Nah, it won't be a speed camera, haven't seen one along here for months...". Then I notice the steam coming out of the exhaust pipe.

    On come the anchors, my horn and up goes the finger - I turn my head and my premonition is correct =D> . Guy must've been spewing, he would've heard me coming from the base of the hill and only got to see my middle finger :nopity:
  2. i thought this was going to be told like this

    this morning i had to brake hard for a taxi pulling out in front of me and i cracked my nuts on the tank, lucky for the cold weather, i had no nuts that day :)
  3. I don't get it...
  4. Hoorah for steam powered vehicles!
  5. A guy here in Vic a few years back gave the middle finger to a camera operator even though he wasn't speeding, the police paid him a visit and issued a fine.
  6. Why use your horn?
  7. How else will the operator know I've got my finger up :biker:

    That's pretty rough, guess I've gotten lucky or they've got bigger fish to fry because I do it to every mobile camera I pass without fail 8-[
  8. I do that every time I go past one. :angel: Even did it to the tax collector on Foster St Sale this morning. :-s
  9. Hmmm, I must be inadvertantly remiss - remind me to salute the kodak squad nex time :)
  10. Oh I thought it had something to with boosting your ego and making you feel important...gotcha.
  11. Nah, most real riders stuff socks in their crotches for that. I use holeproofs for the extra comfort factor.
  12. on what grounds?
  13. Disrespect?
  14. so do i.
    i thought you were supposed to do that :-s
    i mean these people are the lowest of the low, it's the least you can do
  15. Agreed. Took me a lot of restraint to bite my tongue as I walked past a guy writing a ticket in the uni carpark the other day... really wanted to play the "hey mate, you're already at a university, why don't you get a degree and a real ****ing job?"