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Thank god for some common sense here!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pro-pilot, Nov 3, 2007.

  1. Don't let Al Gore see that :rofl:.
  2. Personally i think Al Gore has it right. In his movie he is correct when he says that the Co2 levels in our atmosphere are nearing double what they have been in the last 600 million years. We know this from ice core samples.
  3. thats because we cut down so many trees, tis not climate

    global warning is somthing that green peace invented. at the time it all came out geologist were saying 'no!' but it got out of hand

    the hole in the ozone layer gets bigger and smaller as if it's the earth breathing or something. no one knows what it is exactly but at least we know that we dont know which means it could very easily be something thats SUPOSE to be there

    as for climate change, over 100 or so years ago the climate went thru a heat up that was greater than what we're seeing today. this is most likely just part of a cycle and nothing more

    cheers :cool:
  4. Repeat after me, please.

    Al Gore is a politician
    Al Gore is a politician

    Keep saying that till it sinks in......
  5. Does it matter if it is a political stunt anyway?
    Myself I dont care less about Al Gore, its what he is saying that matters.
    The proof is in the pudding and ive done heaps of research into global warming and the facts, they just add upto one thing... us. Dstump is right when she says that its from cutting down forests, and it is true saying that we are in a constant state of fluxuation, but its not just one single thing, its a build up of a heap of things that is decaying our planet. Where we are at is just so far off the radar and there is every indication that its just getting worse.

    Everyone has a right to their own oppinion and ill respect that and respect your oppinion, but this is my own.
  6. So then why is our climate policy being made by politicians?
  7. Because they think that there's votes in it, silly. If they thought there were votes in UGH boots they'd be just as passionate about them.

    Some of us have lived long enough to remember that the same earnest scientists were predicting a great Ice Age not so long ago. Oh well, back to the drawing board, I suppose.
  8. -because we evolved from monkeys and still have a long way to go

    -because our 'leaders' make choices that have be a combo of 2 things

    1 what the people want

    2 what is right in accordance with geologist who they consult with

    unfortunately, if the people have it all wrong, they will want something that aspires to their beliefs rather than anything rational or logical

    it really is our fault, we're too dumb and just wont listen..unless it's a hollywood movie dressed up as a doco or something some hippy green peace person said when that person is miss-informed, mistaken, and jumping the gun

    cheers :cool:
  9. Just go with the good old approch and live like there is no tomorrow. We're stuffed anyway.

    - The moon is gradually moving away from earth and the moon is what keeps the planet balanced and when it goes to far well then the earth goes haywire.

    - Natural resources... Oh noes!

    - In about 100,000 years our solar system is going to play marbles with another one.

    - A bit more of a wait only a couple of billion years and our sun will run out of hydrogen and expand all the way out to about pluto destroying us in the process and then suck right back in to become a red dwarf.

    - But before any of that everyone will die because we get his by cagers who dont have the energy to turn their head and shoulder check.

  10. If you liked that article you might want to look up some of S. Fred Singers other work, such as his report that second hand cigarette smoke is not a significant risk for cancer.

    He was taking money from the tobacco lobby at the time.

    In much the same way he has been taking money from ExxonMobil recently.
  11. +1 :LOL:

    Money wont make you happy... but it sure does help!
  13. Hornet600,

    So why is it wrong for politicians to make public policy?

    Isnt that their JOB?

    Or is it more that he's on the other side of the fence and is supporting environmental policy rather than right wing pro business policy?

    Anyway, last I checked, we are losing BILLIONS of dollars in exports due to years of extended drought, in part due to climate change.

    Doing the right thing can also be fiscally responsible as well. It just seems that the right of politics can't come to grips with the economic opportunities of climate change, any more than they could ecotourism 20 years ago.
  14. Politicians make public policy all the time, that IS their job. And they make policy in areas where they think they will win votes.

    Bob Hawke said these words to the Labor Caucus the day after he won the election; "The business of government is to get re-elected."

    As I said, if there were enough votes in UGH boots, climate change would be being ignored.

    {And your asseertion that the drought it because of climate change is right technically, that is, the climate is changing, but wrong in the assumption that we are causing is, see many posts above.}
  15. You seem so sure of this Paul. Do you have any evidence that didn't come via a shill from an oil company funded think tank?

    Maybe from other politicians (who also bow before oil money), opinion columnists whose owners collect oil money.

    Or just wishful thinking
  16. Um, you misspelled "is". It is "was".

    The guy is a private individual. He is not running for office.
  17. Lots of speculation there, whether or not he'll run in the 2008 campaign. But right now, he's retired from politics.

    Thing is, when I posted my note, I was going to add as a postscript something like; (unless Obama or Clinton make a real hash of things in '08).