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Thank god exams are over

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by takagawa, Jun 21, 2005.

  1. Oh damn, those were a bloody stressful two weeks of exams. I think I'm gonna fail my Circuit Analysis :(

    Oh well, no use crying about it now, finally I can get back to doing some enjoyable rides :). Although its starting to look doubtful with this godawful rain.

    Any other uni students who've just about done with their exams?
  2. finished mine last thursday and yes... stressful it was

    cant believe how good the weather was leading up to exam time... now however....

    ah well. surely we will get a few good days in here and there before uni starts again.
  3. i just did a circuit analysis exam today although not finished exams completely, and i too would love to be on my zzr going for a burn, but am waiting till after i finish to start my project of fixing it back up....
  4. I got a circuit analysis exam on friday =\ Probs gonna fail that too. But it is my last exam. Getting my bike this month definitely didn't help my studies
  5. what the hell? all you guys are studying the same subject? weird :shock:

    i've still got one stupid exam to go :evil: sucks to be the last one to finish when all your mates are having a ball
  6. Where do you's hail from. I'm over at Uni of M doing Mechatronics. Circuit Analysis was just trying to cram the whole thing within two days. I still don't get how to analyse Three Phase, and don't get me started on transformers :?

    Anyways, keeping an eye on the forecast, Saturday is looking fine.
  7. Im doing the same course as takagawa, saw him ride right up to the exam building doors basically yesterday! Likewise, I had lots of issues with the Circuit Analysis exam... the rest were ok.
  8. awww mechatronics you lucky bastards, that course wasn't available in sydney when I applied for uni and then it was a year later but at another UNI and I was already at macquarie uni in sydney and couldn't be bothered changing. :(

    I'm doing Bachelor Engineering telecommunications
  9. Wouldn't a few laps of the Island be considered Circuit Analysis? :p
  10. finished all of mine on Tuesday.

    It's good to finally have a few weeks off.

    But definatly agree on the weather though, was so good during the exam period but as soon as i finished it went all downhill....go figure!
  11. Starting mine tomorrow. I had 8 exams, but I'm cutting away 4 of them. 50% is a pass, 51% is 1% too much effort :p

    I'll be finished Thursday next week, then straight to PNG for the Trail. Get 1 weekend off when I get back, then back into session 2. Yay! Atleast the tropics will be warmer than spending 2 weeks out field in Canberra... :)