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thank christ for headchecks [NSW]

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by evelknievel75, Sep 4, 2009.

  1. just about to jump onto eastern distributor from woollomoolloo to go into theharbour tunnel. at the set of lights where you turn right I do the usual headcheck and a guy flies by at 80 ( 60 km zone ). i break well before getting to the potential t-bone. guy just looks at me and smiles and keeps on driving.

    i dont get angry, just glad, that after headchecking for the last 15 years it actually came in very handy. i can only imagine that one at that speed.
    i will be continuing to headcheck! lol.
  2. I agree, headchecks are a must! But I find it hard to do sometimes with my helmet and the shoulder armour in my jacket.

    Yesterday when I was stopped at the lights, I could hear a motorbike right near me somewhere. I looked to the left and right, couldn't see it, looked in my mirrors, couldn't see it, so I then put my left hand up to push my right should armour out of the way so I could turn my head properly, and there sitting right beside me, but half meter length back, was a guy on a Ninja with his head cocked to the side just looking at me haha

    I'm thinking of getting a different jacket so that I can freely turn my head more to the sides!
  3. Breaking news, breathing keeps you alive.


    Seriously though, glad to hear you kept the rubber down.
  4. That sounds like a very good idea. You goose.
  5. easy there loz. :p