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Thank Bob its over.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Zealt, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. I am no longer looking for a bike,

    Last night i went to check out a 06 GSXR1000 and the only thing wrong with the bike was one scratch, i sprung it on the guy so he had no time to clean it up or fix anything.

    Almost wouldn't let me take it round the block but with my car keys, phone and license in his hands he finally said "ok".

    Its got heaps of tasteful mods, nice yoshi race pipe black rear-sets that feel really solid, double bubble tinted screen, pillion seat and cowl, fender eliminator (thats been made legal with a light and a small thin mudflap and it comes with all original bits if i need to change them back. (if the boys in blue think its too loud)

    And his reason for selling is hes got a 1098 now.

    Im a few days from picking it up, its getting a RWC and im getting my cash together.

    Finally... Its been like (fark) 4 months or more!!
    Ive had a couple mates with bikes I've ridden to keep the wihtdrawal symptoms down and taken a few thou's out from metro honda, A1 and peter stevens in ringwood (thanks for keeping me sane guys) Cant speak highly enough about Metro Honda, good guys Great prices SO GO BUY SOMETHING!!!

    I'll have pics by the weekend! (if i can get of it)
  2. Massive + 1 for Metro Honda! They'll keep looking after you long after you've left the showroom in any way they can.
    I obv bought my bike from there!
  3. congrats mate :) not my cup of tea though
  4. Nice pickup....so it's "Mostly Harmless" :)
  5. Picking it up tomorrow, already looking in to some levers for it too..
  6. Its sleeping in my garage..
    The garage is next to my room..
    My baseball bat is next to my bed..
    I'm gonna look into ground anchors asap..
    Pics might come tomorrow if i stop riding some time..
  7. Zealt, I don't want to put a massive dampener on the situation but you may want to Google:

    "GSXR 1000 Frame recall"

    I was also going to buy one until 1) I read about this and 2) The sales manager at a major Suzuki dealership I brought a bike off last year told me to steer well clear of it.

  8. Its a proven winner...
  9. you know what i don't see mate. Pics, thats what.