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Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia trip. Any suggestions?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by jayray, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. Im flying into Bangkok this December for a five week holiday, awesome. Plan is to either hire or buy a bike and adventure out from there. Can anyone recommend where to hire, whether its better to buy then sell, or even buy then export back to Australia? Any suggested routes?

  2. Join the ThaiSuperbike or BKKRiders at yahoogroups mate.

    Plenty of people to advise you, most are expatriates.

    Small bikes should be cheap and easy to service, maybe worth to just buy it. Renting bigger bikes are cheap but no insurance and you have to leave your passport. Risks of scams too :(
  3. thanks Javaman, my research will begin there!
  4. Personally I would hire. 5 weeks aint long enough to justify buying I reckon. Then importing and registering it here would be a nightmare :? I got a mate in Bangkok at the moment, he may be able to help?? Can ask him if you want?

    5 weeks aint hell of a long amount of time either. Time wise took the following, without rushing but still moving-Bangkok-Nth to border with Burma-east to border with Laos,then sth back down to Bangkok, 3 weeks on a Honda Baja 250(equivalent of a XL250).About 3000km with detours aplenty.
    Then on different trip, did sth of Bangkok,down to islands, Phuket etc, that was another 2 weeks on Honda Transalp 600. Bout 2000km.


    Then flew to Vietnam into Ho Chi Minh and hired a scooter :moped: and headed nth for 2 weeks to Hue, half way up the country approx. In Vietnam you cant ride over 125cc anyways, so again wouldnt bother hiring. Cant remember exact k,s :-k but again roughly about 2500 I think. Roads are average, lots of diesel spewing trucks and mad pedestrians/drivers/chickens/peasants/snakes on roads, not for the inexperienced with peak hour like this, that went for 25 kms, all the way to city centre. I just had to stop and catch my breathe :sick: literally, from the exhaust fumes and sheer insanity of it all. 3000 horns all going off at once. :nail: Helmets optional coz of the heat and fact your doing negative 3 kilonetres per hour , most of the time :?


    I did it with a mob called easy rider tours that I know operate out of Dalat in Vietnam, but also possibly in Ho Chi Minh as well. I had an excellent guide that I would recommend any day. Couldnt read the street signs and only had 2 weeks so guide was easiest option.


    Cambodia dont know coz aint been but friends who have, said you have to be carefull in parts. Out in the boondocks, heart of darkness type stuff, deep in the recesses of the jungles, where all manner of evils lurk, (seriously) there are some old Khumea Rouge strong holds that people just dont go into, and some parts they descibed as f n lawless :eek:hno: Personally never been there 8-[ so its all on their word.
  5. It's not quite like that any more! yes there are a few old Khmer Rouge villages but they pretty much keep themselves to themselves nowadays. Most places you go to, even the most remote areas, you'll be welcomed. The main thing of course is to keep to the trails used by villagers rather than heading off into the forests due to landmines in the north. But then you can travel to Mondulkiri, Rattanakiri and the south without a worry of that at all.

    As for buying/ renting, in Cambodia at least, you can get an old but decent XLR for around $800-1200, a good XR is $1700+. Renting depends; old bikes at Lucky's or Angkor bike shop are $10 a day, newer models like at adventure moto are $20+ a day

    edit: BTW you can't as yet take dirtbikes into Vietnam due to engine size restrictions. See gt-rider. website for comprehensive info about the region