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Thailand - Bangkok

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Sir Skuffy, Sep 26, 2005.

  1. Heading to Thailand on business in about 2 weeks. 10th October through to 14th October.... arrive melb 9:30am friday morning.

    OK, what trouble can I get upto in Thailand... Bangkok...
  2. umm trouble... anything you want to pay for in asia buddy. moral or immoral its all on the table for a price.
  3. putpong markets are always great to visit!! :D
  4. putpong markets... what goes on there?

    Also, was wondering about CD's of latest movies etc
  5. ping pong at putpong if you get my drift :shock: :LOL: :LOL:

    you can buy just about anything there, cd's movies ect... not that customs endorses such behavior!!

    but beware all those pretty ladies are not always ladies :LOL: :LOL:

    My biggest suggestion would be traditional thia massage... but try to find a local massage parlour, hotel ones as always suck big time!!
  6. Get a genuine Thai massage.

    Ask your hotel concierge to recommend one. Not the Massages they offer at the "Clinton (Adult) Entertainment centre" or the bars at Nana Plaza [1] but the genuine theraputic massage (no hanky panky).

    I was taken to one by a tour guide I'll see if I still have the card. $20 included a substantial tip for the masseuse, a 50ish Thai woman who spent an hour doing exquisite things to (just about) every part of my body, starting with the toes and ending with the scalp.

    The weekend market at chatuchak http://www.into-asia.com/bangkok/markets/chatuchak.php
    needs a whole day. For added excitement, take o motorcycle taxi or a three-wheeler "tuk Tuk" to get there. It won't be any cheaper, but it will be quicker and more memorable (if you survive).

    The market has an amazing range of goods, but (oddly for asia) not a lot of dodgy/counterfeit electronics CDs etc. In various parts of the market you can purchase hand made guitars, asian or western antiquies, fighting cocks, various exotic animals, clothing, shoes, books, paintings.........

    Over the back - if you start from the railway station, (the easiest way to get there) is a more modern, less exotic market that does have a fair bit of modern shop. I found a bling bling riceboy shop that had things like an exhaust extension the size of a milo tin with a neon light inside. I bought a pair of LEDs designed to clip to your windscreen wipers, and mounted one as a light for my cycle speedo.

    If you get some free time, and like really old stuff and magnificent buildings, the Grand Palace and emerald buddha are worth a look in Bangkok, while the ancient capital of Ayuthaya is a good half or full day trip.

    I'm told a trip to the Thai-Burma railway site is worthwhile if you are so inclined.

    [1] OK, if you insist... http://www.asiatradingonline.com/bangkokgirls.htm

    I spent an hour or two being dragged from bar to bar by a colleague who thought that this was all Thailand had to offer tourists. He also insisted on treating me to a "special meal" an american style steak house!
  7. Can't remember the exact location (though I do know it's only a couple of blocks from the Sky Tower) but found a large shopping centre when I was in Bangkok with stores dealing only in computers and electronic gadgets - great place for checking out cheap music/DVDs/games/electronics etc. Found out later that it's a popular spot for tourists - the money you can save buying a top-end PC there can almost cover the cost of the trip.
  8. Fortune city?

    Fortune centre?

    something like that.
  9. hey skuffy im going to thailand on the 11th in bangkok as well :D for a month.

    cant wait.

    staying with our thai buddy
  10. There is a "Fortune Town" in Bangkok which is similar, the one I was thinking of though is called Pantip Plaza on Petchaburi Road.
  11. 1. Hire a scooter - no road rules apply - makes riding very interesting
    2. Can vouch for the full body massage :oops:
    3. Sitting on an elephants head is fun if not rather prickly :shock: just don't pull his ears!
  12. Puntip Plaza is the place to go for DVD/CD's/ PS2/XBOX..etc stuff.
    Its just around the corner from the World Trade Centre on Ratchaprop Rd.

    Provided there hasnt been any police raids you will be able to pick up all the latest stuff there.. The also have hardware (real deal - not copies) at Puntip i.e PC hardare, cameras, DVD players..etc

    If you are after a new Mobile phone check out the MBK centre.. There is a section there where there are 100's of stalls selling grey imported phones...
  13. what other interesting things are there guys!

    our thai friend doesnt really know

    its like when he came over and we were like.. 'uhh.. we could go to the pub.. thats touristy!'

    i was thinking about buying a digicam over there..

    but my thai friend said electronics arn't that cheap.
  14. There's the traffic..... Peak hour is amazing.

    The really odd bit is the way they behave. Drivers will dive into any available spot to advance another half-metre, but they all just accept it. I was only there a little over a week, but I travelled every day, mostly by taxi. I couldn't work out what was missing until the second last day when I got an Indian driver instead of the usual Thai drivers. He was hooting the horn and cursing the other drivers. All week it was the serenity of the drivers in peak traffic that had me unsettled......

    Then there's the massages.... did I mention the massages?
  15. Cd and DVD stalls are also all over the tourist area of KaoSun Rd. Probably not the biggest selections of DVDs tho - the weekend markets and Puntip Plaza would give a better range.
  16. Three little words for yah scuffy my man ....

    'TUK TUK' RACES :twisted:
    It dont take much too egg the drivers on hehehehehe

    and its been a few years but $20 aussie used to get you two count them TWO!! playthings for a night :shock: :twisted:
    ( just make sure you check the undercarage 1st lol )

    Dont piss off "mama san" unless you can run damn fast
    ping pong at putpong is a MUST see , but ping pong is just one of the many wonderous things that go on, up on stage :wink:

    But if you want a real eye opener, hire a guide and head out away from the 'citys' and you get to see just how much we take for granted,and how happy the locals are with what they DONT have.
  17. Are you suggesting they have a "happy" ending?? :LOL:
  18. No, no hanky panky. Just a brilliant experience. For 'happy endings' trythe "Clinton Entertainment Centre".

    couple of years ago, on a group tour in China, the _stunning_ tour guide announced at the end of a city sightseeing tour in Xi'an that she was going to get a special massage, and that anyin the group were welcome to join her. Every single male under forty (and a few o the ladies) got off the bus with her. A couple of hours later one of the young bucks came limping back to the hotel.
    "How was it?"

    "She didn't say it was a f*cking foot massage did she!"