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[Thai] Ride around Phuket Island

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by javaman, Oct 18, 2005.

  1. We left at around 11:00 in the morning off to the northern part of the island via Patong beach. The ride of choice is a new CBR600 RR, which suprisingly small and nice except jerky throttle wanting me off the bike at every corner Shocked Cost to rent this bike is 1500 baht or around $50 for 24 hrs. not bad I reckon...

    Phuket roads are very well built with excellent combination of high speed sweepers and tight turns. Need to be careful of the traffic though as it seems people will cut your lane everywhere. On the other hand traffic is very tolerant to bikes and quickly I learnt to follow Gianni on his busa at 160kph in city roads. Lanesplitting at its best

    There is no speed limit. Need I say more 8)

    Gianni is a mate from ThaiSuperbike forum. Good bunch of guys... like us Laughing. He's been forever in Thailand and runs a nice hotel. Staying at http://phuketpalace.com is really convenient as the bike rental is only 25 meters across the road and they have plenty of cbrs, R1s, Z10, etc. One ZX9 but under repair...

    Phuket scenery is awesome. Beaches, plantation, forests. Really lived up to its reputation. It is also very hot and humid. It was about 33 degrees and after 2 hrs of riding I got really dehydrated to the point my vision gets blurry. Nothing 3 bottles of water can't fix though.

    It was awesome.
  2. Ride reports which provoke us office-bound suckers to bouts of extreme jealousy are not welcome, javaman! Go Away, we are not interested! :D
  3. Oh, did I mentioned the company paid for it too ? :p
  4. The whole $50? Don't forget to pay the FBT! :LOL:

    (Sounds like a fantastic experience - thanks for sharing!)
  5. AAAARRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :evil:
  6. very nice ride for the daily cost, i'd be scared s**tless worrying about binning it though and having to pay for repairs :shock:
  7. sounds good. I was at Koh samui and all they had was a couple older CBR's - hired a scooter and burned around the Island was a little scared cause the tires are probably the same width as a mountain bike tire. Suspension banging away over bumps. However did manage to pop a little wheelie but did take alot of pulling up to get the front wheel up
  8. Ditto - nice place Koh Samui. I was amazed how how you can fit, not 3, but 4 folk on those little things! :D (the locals that is)
    And of course - the no road rules is always a laugh :?