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TG's first go at riding....WooHoo!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by tankgirl, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. :eek: Yeah everyone, I finally got out there.

    My first real time riding any sort of bike.
    While I've had a short ride of the VTR in a carpark (got chased out by security lol), I've never had a decent chance to just ride & ride.
    The weight (compared to my size/strength) of the VTR has always worried me.

    On Sunday I spent the day riding a 1fiddy dirt bike (thanks bruce) around the family property up at Yarra Glen. And pushing it when I ran out of petrol. haha!

    I practiced gear changing (as much as I could with reverse selection - chinese bike :roll: ), just getting used to the feel of the engine & making smooth changes ( plus not so smooth) & feathering the clutch.
    Having the gears changed to 'normal' way. :cool:

    No offs. :grin: Balance was not a problem, so felt very comfortable riding up over the sides of the dam & over the tree debri. Even got the rear-end out on the dirt, loved that. Found I could countersteer out of (or into :? ) a slide.

    God damn them paddock ruts did my arse in, tried to stand up on pegs but didn't always work.

    Did lots of cornering, but a bit slippery on wet grass ( & did I mention the ruts). Tried to get faster & tighter each time. Practiced going around the farm machinery (no cutting corners - or ouch!).

    Next Sunday, it's trying hill starts & stops & practice braking.

    Was a great boost to my confidence, having the chance to learn off the road, not having to worry if I dropped it etc & away from people.
    Some of you know I have an anxiety disorder & suffer from panic attacks, so for me this was a HUGE step. :oops:

    Can't wait till my next ride. :cool:
    Thanks for letting me rave on :wink:

  2. Congrats GF!! :grin:

    Well done :wink: .... onward & upward!!
  3. Well done.
    A word of warning though.
    Those of us who did learn on farm bikes and spent many years racing blue healers around the joint still manage to crash spectacularly occasionally :LOL:
  4. Re: TG's first go riding....WooHoo!

    Good work mate :grin: Lot different to driving a tank eh?

    Rave on I say, rave on!!! :)
  5. Thanks guys

    It did heaps for my confidence.
    It's taken a lifetime to get to this point :roll:

    At least this bike is light enough for me to pick-up & get back on again.
    hehe! Cheffie. I found I have to go 'round object & not over them. (that'll come later)

  6. Well done TG !!
  7. :applause: Bravo ... fantastic effort TG

    Welcome to the world of 2 wheels ,
    see you ridin on a TNLR ride one day :p :wink:
  8. Well done TG! Thats awesome :grin:
  9. I appreciate the support guys

    Been 3 days, still buzzed. :woot:

  10. Don't sweat it, you've still got a lifetime ahead of you :wink:

    Haha. once you learn how to get that front wheel up, you'll be able to go over a few of them. :grin:
  11. Good stuff TG! :woot:
  12. Thank you kind, Sir :oops:
    hehe! I think if I pull a mono now it will be by accident & is going to hurt :LOL:

    cheers Danny :)
  13. It sounds like you did a really great job! Well done :grin:
  14. Must be something in the beer down your way.

    Have fun on next weekend ride then, make sure to let us know how it goes for you....
  15. excellent.

    Ready for Tassie??
  16. just gold there TG. so now i can ride down and we can do a few runs.. and its not chinese shift.. its GP shift.. that thing probably belonged to Rossi... good work.
  17. well done TG, but what's Bruce gonna do about his cold back now??
  18. Cas - I was wondering how this went for you!

    Sounds like you did well. See, told you it would be easy ;)

    Good job.

  19. cheers Morbo, I was proud of myself for keeping focused (& calm).

    Natural high! Shall do, Grange. I may even post a pic :shock:

    Thanks Vic :wink:

    Bell you are always welcome down my way for a ride together.
    Rossi ya say - better not drop-it then :LOL:

    haha! Daz. He can put another jumper on.

    Ta. Was good talking to you about it, T.

    cheers :grin:
  20. TG was talking to me about buying a Dirt Bike, and me being the guy I am :LOL: just happened to have a Dirt Bike that would be ideal for her to use :applause: :cool: :grin:

    And the rest is History :!:

    Well Done TG

    Cheers Bruce