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TGB scooter manual

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Jeimbo, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. Howdy scooter-dudes.

    Now this isn't for me - my mrs has a TGB 303RS scoot and it's forever playing up. Need a manual for it but nothing on the Net. Anyone know where I can get one either from a shop, Net or otherwise? Ta - can't quite afford to trade it on a bigger unit (as much as we want to) so have to keep on fixing her up!

    Ta all
  2. Give me a email address and I will send you a pdf.Its one I use sometimes for my TGB delivery scooter.There all the same nearly.Plus I have a parts list for a 303.
  3. You could ring the company they send them out for free.
  4. tgb kickstart

    hey people just got given a tgb scooter know nothing about it except the kick start wont work seems like it wont engage what am i doing wrong
  5. Re: tgb kickstart

    Sorry mate, they are a heap of shit.

    You won't get it started with the kick start either.

    You need to give it a mighty kick in the guts to get the kickstart to shift the motor all the while having one of the brake levers in and plenty of gas on.

    Hope you have more luck with it than us but we'll be glad to see the end of ours (or my wife will - she has to ride the horrible thing!!)