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Discussion in 'Scooters' started by charliechops, Sep 27, 2006.

  1. Allo allo,

    I have just bought a TGB R50x 50cc scooter...and loving it.....I was thinking about putting an exhaust onto it 2 get a little more out of it....Would i be wasting my money or just be a wanker...or both? Is there any purpose in doing this???

    Cheers...go easy on me :grin:

  2. gooo the mighty TGB
    Nice choice.
    We raced a 50cc TGB in the scooterthon, terrific fun, and reliable too :) and we won :wink:

    I can't answer ya Q re the exhaust though, I'm not that technical...yet :)
  3. The TGB R50X is the bike that took out the outright honours in the recent 24 hour LeMinz scooter endurance run. It grabbed the world record for the most distance travelled in 24 hours.

    It ran in the modified class and had a power pipe on it but be warned, this pipe didn't offer enough ground clearance as I think it was for another model and it kept touching the ground causing the rider to crash a couple of times. I'm surprised it wasn't ground through by the end of the 24 hours!
  4. Here is a pic of Ohmar's pipe :shock:

  5. Hmmm, maybe it was the right model pipe, maybe he was just on-the-gas !!! :LOL:
  6. but would the pipe rub for your average street rider?
  7. Not likely.
    But I guess it all depends on how you ride.
    The pipe above was really hammered in the corners, as all the scoots were in the LeMinz, it was a race afterall.
    No different to scraping pegs on my little Virago I spose, only that a scooter doesn't have pegs, so the next thing sticking out close to the ground cops it :)
    Our scooter was scraping the side stand, but I didn't check the pipe.
  8. I wouldn't change the pipe until the bike was well run in, if I bothered
    at all. Firstly it can void your warranty and if not set up correctly
    can cause major engine failure, or at least poor performance.

    You will need to tune the carburetor and change some transmission
    parts (usually rollers) before it will work reliably. So you will need
    an experienced scooter mechanic who knows TGB r50x quite well.

    Omar was riding very fast, I don't think you'd scrape much on
    the street, if at all.
  9. What about de-constricting it? Will this make much difference on performance?
  10. Logic would dictate if you're worried about performance, sell the scooter and buy a real bike.
  11. Some people have good reasons for wanting or needing a scooter, for me at the moment, I have severed nerves that run down to my left foot and cannot change gear so I need an automatic. The front panel on a scooter offers superior water protection when it is raining compared to normal bikes. The scooter also has the benefits of the under-seat storage area.

    Scooters are also lighter and because of a lower center of gravity, more manageable for some, plus, a 50cc can be used with a car licence in most of Aust states.

    In Victoria it only costs $91 a year to reg a 50cc.

    There is nothing wrong with someone that needs a scooter wanting a bit more pep, even if it's nothing more than like someone racing a pocket-bike.

    When it suits I use the scooter, other times I use the GSXR
  12. $91 a year to reg is a big reason why I want to get a scooter. Just for the times I want to dash up the street or round the corner to my Mums, plus I can lend it to my folks too when they go away, it would fit in the back of their 4WD easily.
    Who am I kidding..I want one cos they are fun! LOL