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TGB delivery 4 a courier in Sydney's CBD?

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by highwayhoon, Jul 13, 2006.

  1. What does the 150cc go like? (the delivery is the one Domino's use to deliver pizza's it's got the 150L box on the back). Will it stay in front of traffic at the lights? How is the build quality? It would be used for internal deliveries in sydney's CBD only. Nothing outside the CBD. We're mostly worried about the reliability of a Korean scooter as TGB hasn't really proven itself (yet). What do they handle like? Are the tyres cheap ones that are prone to lowsiding at full tilt? Any help appreciated guys/gals!

  2. they are taiwanese. and the build quality is fine. the 150cc 303rs which has the same motor and is roughly the same weight is said to be a pretty zippy scooter. you'd stay ahead of city traffic no problems.
  3. I have got a 50cc and there fun, I reckon they are based on the TGB Voodoo's
  4. I ride a 303RS 150cc model and it is great, it sits on 110 kph no sweat. TGB use to make many engine parts for Vespa and they make the final-drive components many other brands of scooters, they migt be relatively new in Australia but they are huge overseas.
  5. I ride (well used to, just resigned) for Domino's at Glebe. I can tell you from personal experience that the scooters will take a lot of punishment. I've only ridden the 50cc TGB, not the 150cc version, and I have never had any trouble of the lights etc around Glebe, Pyrmont etc.

    As for how they handle... like a scooter. Small tyres and small brakes means they have to be ridden with alot more care and respect than their engine size would suggest. Out of the team from my store I'd say at least half have come off the scooters at some point. It's always when its wet and when the rider isn't riding to the conditions and taking enough care.

    Sean D