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TGB 50cc enhancement kits are in

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Akros Tec, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. Just a note to let owners of tgb 50cc scooters that the enhancement kits are now avaliable. Consists exhaught with silencer, weight rollers, 85 mm jet and pod filter. RRP is $398. Supposed to have better sound and greater take off. No top end increase. Veriator costs $200 which will help top end speed.

  2. where would we get these from??

    The main thing that has stopped me from getting a 70cc upgrade is the rejetting, which means (at least when my mechanic does it) is that you have to put 30ml of 2 stroke oil in your petrol tank, as well as the oil you normally put in your premix tank... just too messy, and the main reason I was happy with my 50 cc to start with was the scooter mixes the fuel/oil itself.

    I read on a review, based upon an article on the Aprilia forum, about derestricts/mods.. and it recommends a variator, heavier rollers and heavier contra (?) spring to get more constant acceleration and less loss of speed going up hill... So I am thinking of doing that out of warrantee without having to change capacity of the engine! But this won't affect top speed.
  3. Waahhh??? Who told you that about rejetting???

    What happens when you put in a bigger cylinder is that the engine requires more fuel than the stock carburettor can provide, so it runs too lean. When you give it a bigger main jet more fuel can be delivered into the cylinder.
    It does NOT require you to run your motor richer than the auto-injector delivers by adding more oil into the fuel tank.

    What your mechanic might have been telling you, is when you get a new cylinder, a little extra oil will help the rings settle better during the running in period. For most scooters this is one or two tanks worth at the most. However, nowadays with modern engines and cylinders, running in is mostly done within 20km and probably completely within 200km.
  4. Where ever you bought your scooter from should be able to order the kits in for you via stoney creek performance ( think thats the name). Not sure if you know that there is a brown wire you can remove from you cdi module. They say you have to cut it but with the 2006 model you are able to unplug it if you wish. A friend has the yammy aerox and has had the exaught, jet and variator and is now pushing the 90 kph mark.
  5. yeah, I've had the 'cut' so to speak.. It would be good if the oil is only temporary.. It would piss me off to constantly have to measure extra oil..

    I'll ask at the 10k service.. at 7.5 right now.. should be due mid November...

    It makes sense if the rejetting allows it to add more fule AND oil to the mix.. that would be ideal!! ;-)

    Thanks guys..
  6. New Scoot

    Hey just got my scooter - where in Aus is the best place to get performance gear - am in Brisbane, so would prefer local or someone who ships.

    Also where is best lot of info about modding my scooter for performance.

    Thanks guys :)
  7. i got a 150cc tgb i wish they make soemthign for that