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tgb 304s

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by magsnkev, Dec 15, 2007.

  1. I've had a tgb 304s for about 3 months now and am already on the 2nd problem. the 1st problem was sorted by the garage under the 1 month warranty they gave me but now, obviously, the warranty has expired. the problem now is when i try to start the bike using the electric start, it just clicks. i'm not sure if it could be the starter motor, or the spark plug or something else altogether. could anybody please help and suggest if it is ok to fix myself or if i'd need help. cheers

  2. battery may be stuffed(flat)
  3. Is it an early morning problem only by any chance?

    I only ask because my Hyosung 50 does not like the early morning cold starts... the electric start won't work at all first thing on a cold morning (I head off for work at sparrow fart)... lotsa whirring and clicking but no start (which no doubt pisses the neighbours off no end at that time of day)... but the kick start works fine first thing....

    Give the sun a chance to come up and the electric start works flawlessly then... It's just something I've learned to live with...

    *scratches head* The nearest I can figure is that it may be a problem with condensation that forms overnight *shrugs*

    Is that at all like what you are experiencing?
  4. i went out the other day to the shop and when i came out of the shop the bike wouldn't start. Im pressing the start button and it's just clicking. I've just checked the fuse and its not that. It can't be the battery cos the alarm still works.
  5. Actually, Its likely it is the battery because it could just have enough charge to run some of the low-draw functions like indicators and alarm but might not have enough juice to crank over the starter.

    That would be my first bet. Charge it up (ie kick start it and go for a long ride for 1hr), that will charge the battery up. If its still not starting then I would assume the battery is stuffed and is not holding charge. In that case, get a new battery or just go to a scooter shop and get them to test it for you.

    Of course it could be something else but more often than not it will be something relatively simple like a battery.
  6. Cheers duffman, what a guy. that sorted it. The problem being, when I bought the bike 3 months ago, they told me they had fitted a new battery cos the old one was duff. Was I just being gullible or do you think its a problem with the bike thats not charging the battery right. When I had the bike ticking over earlier, there was a rattling noise coming from inside the battery compartment. I'm not sure if the wires could be coming loose with all the rattling about so i'm going to try packing the battery compartment. anyway, sorry about the story but cheers again.
  7. glad it seems to be sorted out mate.

    Yeah, the batteries are very small really and it doesnt take much to send them down.

    Get the new battery (if you havent already) then as soon as you get the scoot home, whip the seat off and re-tighten the bolts/screw on the battery terminals to ensure good contact.

    There is some basic preventative maintenance you should be doing on a scoot, it is not the sort of thing you can just buy and forget. Every week clean you scoot. This is not just to keep it clean, but mainly you should use this time to check over the scoot. Check the tyre air pressures, check the 2-stroke oil level if a two stroke, check the coolant level if water cooled. Check the brakes and indicators and headlights. Tighten up any bolts that have worked loose. Keep the battery terminals clean, if they have white gunk building up on them, just wash with a little hot water and a brush.

    A few minutes every week checking things over will save a lot of trouble in the future.