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TGB 303RS 50cc

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by charliechops, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. Hello all,

    Just after any information on the TGB 50cc scooters.Are they okay? etc etc.They have an extra 12 month warranty (2 years total) than most other scooters.I've heard that TGB used to make the Peugeot engines??Team Moto sell them here in QLD.Any information would be good. http://www.tgbscooters.com.au/produ...www.tgbscooters.com.au/products/tgb303rs.html


  2. Hey Charlie


    I dont see many of the TGB's over here in Perth so as a result i havent heard anything bad about them. So that must be good hey :)

    There are a couple of TGB riders on here i think so hopefully one of them will see your post and give you some useful info.

  3. 'TGB' stands for 'The Golden Bee', I kid you not! The thought of buzzing around on a Golden Bee just cracks me up... sorry, that's all I can contribute to the subject. Hopefully you'll get some more constructive replies :)
  4. I ride a TGB RS303 150cc, it goes well, my dad has a TGB 203 50cc that uses the same engine as the 50cc RS303, I was surprised how fast it was and it hadn't had either the stage 1 or stage 2 derestriction done.
  5. thats...

  6. yeah, Taiwanese Golden Bee...

    I own one, and consider them as good as Bolwell, if a little cheaper in price...

    the Warrantee deal is fairly new, I missed out on that one! :(

    They are called 'Golden Bee' as they manufactur(ed) parts for Vespa under license (Vespa means "wasp" in italian - see the link??). I don't know how true this is, but my dealer who worked for a scooter manufacturer in Europe claims that some Vespa's have parts marked TGB if you kow where to look.

    To my mind, if TGB is making parts for Vespa, quality shouldn't be an issue...
  7. I am in the process of buying a 303RS 50cc to lug around me 80kg,wife 50kg and on a rack extention (available from the dealer) in a box our dachshund 14kg. Would I be able to move all of us at a speed greater than walking or should I consider to have it derestricted.There are no mountenous streets which would require me to unload my passengers and make them walk I am only going to use it locally such as going to the beach or do some shopping
  8. Cant figure out if thats a serious post or your just having a dig???
  9. no i am serious. I used to ride a motorized bike 30cc Taiwanese build called
    Cruiser attached to it was a small trailer specially made for bikes. I brought back with me from Germany and the dog loved to be taken for a ride in it. Unfortunately this bike was stolen and has never been recovered. Replacing
    the bike will cost me $2000. So there we are.
    After reading all the posts it looks like I will have to consider 100cc
    My problem is the scooter needs to have a strong carry rack
    Is there anyone with a suggestion