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Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Spotman, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. Ok...having recently swapped a 125 scooter for my GS :) I have some sympathy for the lesser powered two wheelers on our roads.
    Having said that I witnessed an act of sheer stupidity on Friday afternoon that astounded me:
    I was stopped at traffic lights in central Brisbane when a scooter went across my bows doing about 50k one-handed whilst texting on his phone with the other! I guess he figured he'd be ok because his t-shirt, shorts and thongs would provide protection in an incident!
    - shakes head -

  2. Don't you know it's much safer to crash in a scooter than a motorbike?
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  3. Asia is full of texting squidding riders.
    I think there should be a push to legalise it here
  4. Just as bad as mum texting in the 4x4 kid chariot. Though we tend to see that as less outrageous for some reason.
  5. texting while riding/driving any vehicle is certainly stupid. Mind you, the only person likely to be harmed by a scooter rider texting is the scooter rider.
  6. Big difference in weight there, how is it "just as bad"?

  7. A mum in a 4x4 driving a couple tonnes of vehicle is likely to hurt/kill/injure anyone in its way by being distracted..

    A scooterist texting is only likely to hurt him/herself.. unless they hit a pedestrian who might end up with a sore leg/arm etc.

    they are two different scenarios...
  8. I get they are two different scenarios. I think the point of my post was missed.
  9. Cops pulled a m/c rider for texting while riding in the city on Friday. I know this because it made headlines on the news. Funnily enough, not the tens of thousands of car drivers that do it every day.
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  10. Its only a scooter,its not as if its hard to ride with one hand.

  11. Justus.
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