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Texting while riding!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pringa8, Nov 24, 2006.

  1. Deadset, this morning I saw a bloke texting on his mobile while he was riding through traffic!!! Does it get any dumber than that???

  2. better a guy on a bike then a socca mum in a 4wd...
  3. stupid? pfft if you have the sKiLlz use them...
  4. ppfftt, its not as hardcore as riding and looking at a fold out map, or chatting to the other guys in bikes around you when riding through a palm tree plantation.

    That takes skill :grin:
  5. I wasn't texting i was changing mp3's, plus traffic was all backed up :grin:
  6. i must admit that i do this, but its ok if you are on the road and its safe and my mp3 it attached you carnt drop it if you need to do some thing.
  7. If there is one thing netriders can almost universally agree on it is that drivers using mobiles and/or texting are a dangerous bloody menace. Yet based on this thread it seems some riders think it is OK to do it on a bike even though you need to pay a bloody sight more attention to riding a bike than driving a car, AND need both hands to properly ride a bike. The double standards amaze me. Oh and just in case you forgot....it is illegal, but I know many here don't give a stuff about about a trivial little detail like that.
  8. I'll admit that on the odd occasion I've read and even replied to text messages at the lights when I've had my phone in the clear top of my tank bag.
  9. back when I had a bike I kept my phone in the map section of the tank bag, was ideal for txting, but I have to admit I never sent any while riding.

    Of course if you are on the Hwy and you really must send something, and you can get one glove off, get your phone out of your jacket, type and send a message, return your phone and put your glove back on, then go for it :wink: :wink: :grin:
  10. wow, thats a new one to me!

    but then when i ride i disconnect from all but the road ;)
  11. yes, it gets much worse than that.

    sometime ago i met a fella who lost both his legs in a motor vehicle accident.

    he called me from his mobile phone while driving his car.

    i asked him if he was using a speaker phone and he said no.

    now remember, he has no legs. he was using hand controls to drive.

    i said 'you are a focking moron' and hung up on him.

    love is not as powerful as one may believe. a demonstration of idiocy and/or selfishness and they are dropped like a prawn on the lawn. 'poof', all feelings disappear in a flash.

    it doesnt matter how much you are in love with a person, that kind of behavior makes the break up too easy.
  12. So long as he was squidding, no issues at all :p :p :p

    I often honk my horn at people SMSing while driving - gotta get a loud one to really be a pain :twisted:
  13. oh no, i wont honk people if im on my bike....
    it sounds like "neep neep" which woulf make them laugh, which coupled with texting would surely make them crash :LOL:

    me & my pansy horn :(
  14. mmm new topic me thinks......