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Texting while riding?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ned, May 15, 2015.

  1. Front page and page 5 of Herald Sun today. Death-defying speeds of up to 100km/h? Speeding along a Melbourne Highway? Gee, if 100 is death-defying, I'd hate to think what they call 200!!

    Apparently women can multi-task, here's an example:
    • Reckless motorcyclist caught texting while speeding along a Melbourne highway
      • Ashley Argoon
      • Herald Sun
      • May 14, 2015 10:17PM

      The reckless rider texting while travelling at high speed. Picture: Supplied.

      AN idiot motorcyclist has been caught texting while riding in death-defying speeds of up to 100km/h.

      In a shocking photo obtained by the Herald Sun, the woman is seen riding along EastLink at high speeds while looking down at her mobile phone.

      Steven, 25, who did not wish for his surname to be published, said he saw the woman as his boss drove him home from work.

      “It was just in her back pocket and I saw her whip it out and start texting,” the man, from Croydon, said.

      “She was on her phone a good 20 to 30 seconds.”

      Both he and his boss were stunned by what they were seeing.

      “I was like, ‘You can’t be serious’,” Steven said.

      “I said to my boss, ‘Look at this idiot’.

      “If she came off, she’d be dead.”

      But the reckless rider is far from the only motorist to put her life at risk with a breathtaking piece of stupidity on Melbourne’s roads.

      Another rider was snapped riding with a BBQ strapped to his chest along the Eastern Freeway after finding it dumped on a nature strip in January 2008.

  2. Nice thighs, tho.
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  3. Putting a bid on EBay for a Yoshi that slips straight on the Bollini :)
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  4. Meh, in Bangkok, where that girl comes from, she normally has hubby and 2 kids on there with her, solo texting at 100kph is a breeze, as for Steven 25, what a goose.
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  5. A grade fool! Bloody idiot, this is why all motorcyclists get a bad rap.
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  6. Texting when driving is pretty dangerous IMO, don't ever fancying being on the receiving end of a tonne+ of distracted, wayward metal.

    This however seems more like Darwinism at work, a distinct lack of self preservation. Plus, red trousers with a green hoody, asking for trouble in the fashion capital.
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  7. The fashion police will definitely write her a ticket!
  8. Doesn't really seem all that news worthy. I mean it's not like they were driving a 3 ton SUV that could actually hurt someone if they fcuked up.
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  9. My question is who took the photo? Unless it was someone sitting in the back someone took a photo while driving at 100kpg :|
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  10. I like the fact that the report says and that 7 years earlier another motorcyclist did a dangerous thing. :) And Death Defying Speeds = Rated speed limit for the road concerned.
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  11. Is it me, or does that photo look a little bit too good to have been taken from the front passenger side? Unless Steven's boss makes him sit in the back seat.

    EDIT, beaten to it:

  12. Steven 25 was horrified and when he got home he told his mum and Steven 25's mum was horrified and when Steven 25's mum told the ladies at the lamington bake off that night they too were horrified.
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  13. Definitely an idiot for texting....but "death defying" speeds is a bit of a stretch.

    Didn't realise the Herald Sun had turned into A Current Affair :rolleyes:
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    I'm disappointed for the fridgy fraternity as this Steven bloke has been reported to be a refrigeration mechanic.
    I hang my head in shame......we're not all as judgemental as this bloke!
    I mean seriously who hasn't whipped out their phone whilst riding lol.

    C'mon guys maybe you can't rock that color combo. But she sure can!
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  15. As they say 'Never let the truth get in the way of a good story'. We even had it on the radio this morning up here on the Gold Coast
  16. jeez see what these female motorists do... lucky us males are totally responsible :)
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  17. I think you need to duck for cover now. ;)
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  18. Pales to what car drivers get up to.

    I mean, if she was drinking her coffee, smoking, and texting while riding i'd be a bit more shocked.

    Wasn't there another motorcyclist in Sydney caught doing the same last year or the year before?? Slow news day perhaps.
  19. have you tried to send a message with siri using scala?
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  20. I prefer the one from UAE that shows the guy laying back on his bike, steering with his heels, and texting with both hands.
    So does anyone recognise her ?
    Is she a member ?
    I hate to go on about ATGATT but I don't think the pants would take much punishment. :)
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