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Texting US Motorcycle cop...

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by robsalvv, Jul 1, 2013.

  1. Check this out!

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    Daredevil cop caught texting while motorcycling
    Not a great example of public safety. This Tempe, Ariz., cop was photographed apparently texting while zipping down U.S. 60 at 80 mph on his motorcycle. So much for all that don't text and drive advice. The speeding cop, who clearly had something very important to say, was on his phone for several minutes, according to Justin Argall, who took the pic. (No word as to whether Argall was photographing-while-driving or in the passenger seat.) "I kind of looked over and I saw it and it dawned on me what I just saw and I looked again and that's when I took the picture," Argall told 3TV. But was the officer arrested? Nope. Just got a stern talking to. Texting and driving isn't illegal in Arizona. At least not yet. [Source]
  2. Note the heavy duty gloves on the cop. Safety first.
  3. At least that vest will provide some protection.
  4. That's rather cynical Rod......... he's obviously a little confused and texting NR to get the answer to "Was it left hand or right hand first?"
  5. That's retarded, you can't text in gloves.
  6. Dangerous or not, if there is no law against it what's the problem?
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  7. Not really the most dangerous thing in the world, certainly not an incident warranting international coverage. On a highway it would be about the same risk as doing it in a car, maybe even a little safer as you can drift in your lane a lot more.

    Not that bright but we aren't talking checking the petrol level in your tank with a lighter dim.
  8. After the hoo haa made about the indian rider texting on the fwy, I figured this example would get some interest.
  9. If it's not illegal there why is it so newsworthy ?
  10. Now, if it had been a driver at the lights, would you all have been so relaxed about it?
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  11. Just cos it isn't illegal doesn't mean it isn't idiotic.
  12. C'mon he's just putting a bet on the Arizona Cardinals, what's a cop to do ?
  13. Interesting VicPol experience today, westbound on the Ring Road toward the Hume: MCIU (!!!) Mercedes van dawdling along in the left lane at ~80kph with traffic obviously cautious about overtaking.

    Muppet here pulls up alongside and watches the police driver head down.... texting.

    Needless to say he eventually woke up to the observation and caught up with me and my mate and tailed us until we waved goodbye.

    What a sterling example of do-what-I-say,-not-what-I-do.

    The Major Collision Investigation Unit, ffs :(
  14. Well as Ken Lay has said before, VP business is so important that the necessity for police to text outweighs the risk to the public. So there.
  15. I saw a cop in a dog car in st marys texting at the lights, I stared at him until he happened to look up at me, then he kinda dropped the phone down like "I wasn't doing what you think I was doing". I shook my head and he stared blankly ahead.

    I'd imagine the photographed cop became news worthy because it was a motorcycle, most people wouldn't know just how stable a bike is at speed.
  16. Probably not. But notrider is largely made up of sheep. I don't see much problem with texting while driving. Can be done quite efficiently and safely much of the time.

  17. I have heard from a reliable source that even on the hume highway with cruise control on and no traffic around at all, texting while driving is still very difficult.
    I don't think it is safe at all.
    EDIT: In a car.
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    I took this photo and put it on facebook with an accompanying caption while trying to max a toyota echo, but due to the shape of my shoe or something could only get it to 150. It later sat somewhat uncomfortably on 170.


    But what would I know, I think drink driving is safe too - within reason - and was doing as such a few hours after this photo.