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texting driver doesn't notice police, for 28kms! melbourne

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by waedwe, Oct 18, 2009.

  1. guess this 1 takes the cake
    Lucky he didnt run someone over and not notice

  2. this makes me so bloody angry...
  3. Why did the police decide to follow this bloke for **28 kilometres** instead of pulling alongside and getting his attention? I'm guessing the pursuing officer was in an unmarked with some pissy little blue and red strobes sitting on the dash. Either that, or this story is complete BS.

    Don't the popo hear have megaphones mounted to their cruisers like in COPS?

    "You in the sedan, pull the f*k over!"
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    me too, after i stopped laughing for 5 mins...

    it's like this well posted youtube motorbike texting guy...

  5. well, why you're at it let's um, blame society, as well. guy behind the wheel is a ****ing moron!
  6. There's worse...

    Man fined for 'one finger' steering on EastLink, while using two mobile phones

    Shannon Deery From: Herald Sun October 19, 2009 7:35AM
    A MAN caught driving while using two mobile phones has told police it was ok because he had one finger on the wheel at all times.

    The one-fingered hoon was seen holding a mobile phone in each hand and driving his car with his knees while travelling through the Eastlink tunnel about 3.15pm Saturday.

    The 30-year-old Fitzroy man was pulled over by Chelsea Traffic Management Unit acting sergeant Rob Atkinson who had noticed the car swerving.

    The driver explained he needed to transfer information from one phone to another and that he had been driving with one finger.

    Act Sergeant Atkinson said it was one of the worst cases of careless driving he had seen in 10 years of policing.

  7. How can they let him keep his licence? Its pathetic. Should have been immediately suspended.
  8. does he cop a use of mobile phone while driving charge, or 2 of them
  9. you have to laugh though.

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  10. I saw a good one today... Some blonde dude in a Barina, blasting some Japanese pop music, whitening his (already ridiculously white) teeth in the rear view mirror, while trying to negotiate a double lane round about.

    Honestly, some people.
  11. An other one who should be done for negligent driving
  12. Can we all just invest in helmet cams and glance over at drivers who are doing the wrong thing then roll back to get a visual on the numberplate then casually make copies of the footage and distribute copies to local police stations?
  13. If it works, I will do this. I doubt they will do anything with the footage though?