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Texting and Driving test

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Jay77, Dec 14, 2012.

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  2. That was great, surprised there hasn't been many responses to this. I wish the Australian government would put something similar out here as well instead of the normal shock and awe tactic (not that i don't think shock and awe has its place, just not all the bloody time).
  3. That was fcuken awesome
  4. This should be law. Everyone caught using a phone while driving should lose their licence on the spot for 2 years. Leniency will be, after 3 months they can sit ^this test and if they pass they can start again on red Ps.
  5. No worries. Do you work for the government? Because i think we should pass a new law that anyone with stupid ideas like yours should be shot on site
  6. ???
  7. People with stupid suggestions. Does he realise 99% of the population would lose their license within a week or two
  8. With the holier than thou attitude on nr I would say everyone except 19722 of the population would lose their license ;)
  9. Touche. But i beleive we need less laws not more controlling sheeo bullshit
  10. Clever. Unfortunately most texters believe shit happens to 'other' people.
  11. There was never a need to text whilst driving 30 years ago, why should there be one now?
  12. Remember when you went home or to a public phone box to make contact with friends / family now you can tweet, facebook,call,email, whenever BECAUSE IT'S FARKEN URGENT .