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Textile repair?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Kernel, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. I've got a hole in one of the sleeves of my textile joe rocket jacket. Using google, I can't find anyone who does textile repairs around Melbourne. Does anyone know of a shop that will be able to repair my jacket? Obviously the repair will need to have good abrasion resistance.

  2. how bad is the hole? Katcando did leather repairs not sure textile though, you can pm her and ask I guess
  3. Find an old textile jacket for free or cheap and use it as a material source. Get a couple of decent sized needles from a needlework shop. Really tough thread is more difficult. Back when I had to do all my own gear repairs I had a big reel of astoundingly strong beige stuff that I'd been given so I'm not sure where to actually buy it. Saddlers maybe.

    Use the latter two to stitch patches of the first one to your current jacket. No need for fancy needlework, just stitch every edge down tight with stitches no more than maybe 3mm apart. If you're really paranoid about abrasion, put the main patch on the inside, then put a larger patch on the outside to cover up the stitches of the first one.

    Piece of the proverbial.
  4. PatB, ideally I'd like to spend no more than $15 on the repair if I were to do it myself, doubt I could get a textile jacket + needle and thread for that much.

    I just had a crazy, possibly stupid, idea though. What if I got some abrasion resistant fishing line and sewed it into the jacket, covering the hole? That could work.
  5. how big is the hole Kernel? is it a cigarette burn size ? thinkin if it is smally, maybe your fishing line idea may just work.. How sucessful? depends how well you stitch I'd think..
  6. Fair enough. The capital costs could be significant if you can't scrounge what you need. You could always look on it as an investment though 'cos then you'd be set up to fix any textile jacket you may subsequently own or break.

    If you want to do it really cheap, I'm sure someone NR near you is likely to have a scrap textile jacket that's due for the bin. Stitching has capital costs, but I've had fairly good results with impact adhesive (EvoStik, QuickGrip etc), again going with the double (inside and outside) patch approach. Not ideal but better than no repair at all, which was my other option at the time.

    How about trying for somewhere that does tonneaus and swags and stuff? They should be used to dealing with heavy fabric and tough threads. Might not be able to get into something like a sleeve though.
  7. May I ask how you got the hole in the first place?
  8. tiger angel do repairs but not sure if its only to their gear. had a pair of textile pants patched