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textile pants vs. leather pants

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by jeff_o, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. i pressume leather pants are hot (never tried em) but i tried wearing textile pants and it seems air doesn't flow through it very well and it's also hot on the groin and legs.

    which is hotter? leather pants with stretchy fabric around the crotch area or pure textile pants?

    also, are there perforated leather pants?
  2. I use shift leather pants as well as some black dririder pants occasionally. Theyre both hot, I dont think the textile is any cooler. The leather pants are hotter where the shin and knee armour is, the tradeoff being you get far superior knee protection compared to textiles.

    The shift pants have perforated section as well as stretch kevlar.
  3. .... my leather pants are much more comfortable to wear... and they breath. Unlike my textile waterproofs.... which end up like a fricking spa each time I wear them.

    I prefer leathers...unless it's raining.
  4. Yeah waterproof linings in summer can be deadly. A few years back I nearly fainted in full dririders in summer. Had enough time to stop and strip off.
  5. ..... yep!!!.... the water just seems to flow when I take off the waterproofs..oh wait!!... that could be a different issue!!....8-[

    Seriously, I felt the sweat trickling down my legs eeeuuwwww!!:shock:
  6. Some of any sort are likely to be better than others depending on constuction and design so I dont think you could definatively say one is hotter/cooler than the other.

    I would simply suggest that if you need some waterproof pants or something for commuting/touring the textile ones are probably more what you are looking for. If you are after something more for spirited riding have a look at the leather ones. From there you might be able to do some research or get some feedback on the specific models that are in your price range.
  7. I usually get cold in my leather pants that have a mesh inseam and groin. Air moves around nicely. The only place they can get hot is around the knee. A quick leg stretch/shake whilst on the move will help, as will compression wear.
  8. ya, the pants from my 2peice A* race leathers are perforated, they are no good on the road unless its a sunnyday, then they are better than my street leathers.
  9. my A* track pants are very comfy when riding, they don't get hot when you are on the bike and they don't even have that much perf compared to some models.. like the RS taichi gmx motion pants.
  10. Waterproof textile or not? If they are waterproof (even if it says 'breathable') they will be unwearable in hot conditions. Non-waterproof textiles are generally quite comfortable (unless it rains).
    Colour contributes a LOT to how hot either material is. Obviously black is far hotter than anything else.
  11. Buy cow................a decent pair are basically no different in the heat and offer better protection, buy a size or 2 larger 2-piece wet plastics set and stuff them under your seat for wet weather............
    that said...... I've always found a leather jacket to be warmer than textile, mainly due to your torso being where your core temperature sits at.....
  12. My Dririder textiles have a removable liner that makes them a bit more breathable, but they're still quite hot in summer. I'm currently looking at buying rs taichi gmx motion leather pants from alex at mororcycleracegear in Rowville, to go with the jacket I'm picking up on Saturday :D
  13. Nice, are you getting one of the new RSJ825 jackets?

    What colour? I'm currently waiting on one from Alex too hehe
  14. Mosport GP2 kevlar licra blend out of the USA,best hot weather pants I have tried
  15. Nah I'm going RSJ817, he's giving me a very good price on it to clear stock. Deciding between the red and black at the moment - will likely go with black so I don't look like a wannabe racer :p
  16. get windproof pants to go under them

  17. I have both leathers (from my 2 pc racing suit) and draggins. Needless to say the draggins are much more comfy come the warm weather, but obviously offer less protection. They dont have armor pads etc in them, just the Kevlar lining.

    You could combine the best of the two and grab a pair of motolegion for example, you can insert pads into them IIRC and they should allow a decent amount of airflow.