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Textile Jackets- which is better & non-CE armours bad?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by gracebeey, Nov 4, 2006.

  1. Hi all!

    Getting my first bike last week means that I'm about to go on my first (of the many to come, I'm sure) spending spree for riding gears.

    I've looked at a few different options for jackets, and I've narrowed it down to summer jackets - due to the fact that I'm living in Brisbane and it's close to summer now.

    I went to Springwood Suzuki and tried on the Dri-rider summer jacket. It's very comfy, well padded, have removable waterproof lining, and with C.E. approved armour. Plus, they're having a sale on those and I can get them for $200.

    Then I saw the Joe Rocket ladies jackets, and boy they look nice! They're nicely shaped, nice colours, kind-of stylish. Problem? Not 100% waterproof, and their armour is a 'Dual Density Body Armour'. Price is similar.

    As I'm writing down their specs above, it sounds pretty obvious to me which one I should get :p However, the Joe Rocket jacket is - superficially - so nice looking.....(help! I can't stop being a girl!) :wink:

    Anyhow, the question is:

    Are C.E. approved armours much better than 'Dual Density armour' - whatever that is? Ie. would you consider it imperative to have C.E. approved armour?

    Thanks everyone!

  2. Grace, C.E. means that it makes the European standard. I suspect 'dual density' is exactly that - soft and hard armour (soft padding and hard 'shell').
  3. The armour that is supplied with many textile jackets is very often pretty minimal (C.E. or not). There are exceptions, but if the budget stretches, you'd usually be better off pitching the supplied armour and wearing a separate (complete) set of armour that comes in an integrated unit. Even the cheapest of these are much better than you would usually get supplied with a jacket - especially the back protector.
    And you can always use it under different jackets.
  4. I'd recommend buying the Dri-rider because of the cost. However, if you really want Joe Rocket jacket, why not buy and put CE armour into it? They will set you back around $60.

    I did after dual density ones in my jacket appeared to have been damaged after an off.

    As for the dual density armour pieces that came with my Joe Rocket jacket, they worked well when I had an off at 60km/h. I didn't feel massive impact forces in elbow or shoulder; the only injury, if it could be considered an injury, was a small patch of outter skin in my elbow being sheared off by an inch from subsequent sliding.

    Anyway, most CE approved armour pieces I've seen are dual density (ie. hard outside soft inside).
  5. if looking at the joe rocket jacket... ask about armour upgrade.... i got my armour upgraded to the same one that their top leather suit has :) for free even.... so i've still got my 'dual foam' ones from the jacket .... but have nice hard 'armour in the shoulders, elbows and knees :) so maybe even do like i did and email joe rocket and ask them if they can do that for you ;)
  6. after comparing CE dririder armour and non-CE dririder armour, i can't say i see the difference.

    as for summer jackets, i can give a big thumbs up to the dririder rallycross - very comfortable yet feels quite solid. with the waterproof liner it is pretty much 100% waterproof (more waterproof than the dririder summit that i have).

  7. Thanks for the tips! If the dual density armour is okay, I may just get the Joe Rocket Nova.... :p It's waterproof except for the zippers. Now I'm probably not really going to be riding in the rain, so that shouldn't be a big problem. In the long run, I'd probably get another one to supplement that.

    From what you're all saying, it sounds that armours are always removable on these jackets? Is that correct? If that's the case, then there's no issues with me. I'll just get better armour and replace the stock one if it comes to that.

  8. In my opinion... you have a few criteria that you are looking at...

    1) Weather proofing (Water proof but yet suitable for summer)
    2) Protection (to CE or not to CE)
    3) Price (obviously... who doesn't)

    Weather proofing - If you are looking for summer riding jackets, I will suggest a Cleo for the ladies. It is fully contstructed Mesh material which is very airy. And it comes with a removable rain liner (fully water proof) for the wet weather. Nova is a textile jacket i.e. it might be water proof... but it is not fantastic when it comes to high temperature. You might be as just as drenched (from your own sweat) as waterproofing is almost equivalent to ZERO BREATH-ability (unless you are talking about expensive stuff like Goretex an such)... as for the vents on the jacket.. they usually do not help that much...

    Protection - Dual Density Armour is processed foam. They are great with impact absorbion.. but they sucks at abrasion i.e. if a rider hit the ground at high speed... their bones might not break... but he/she might need to part with quite a large percentage of their skin. I strongly recommend you to go for the CE rated (best to be rubber moulded type) that takes both impact and abrasion very well.

    Price - Mesh jackets are usually more economical than the textile ones even after you do a CE armour upgrade. If you cannot get a good price for the Cleo with CE Armour... do drop me a PM. I might be able to do both (Brand New) at less than AUD 180 including postage. :wink:

    Hope the info above helps.

  9. CE is indeed the european standard (it is a very strict standard)

    Dual Density is Foam Amour (two colours - Gray and Blue). The gray part is harder and the blue part is softer. Unfornately, there is no hard shell... the gray part is harder (made of foam of higher density) but still FOAM :roll:

  10. Thanks for that tip, I ended up getting the Joe Rocket Nova textile jacket - with an upgrade of CE Armour. I didn't realise that you can just ask for an upgrade and they'll give it to you for free, until someone mentioned it in their reply! :grin: So thank you very much for that!

    I will be sure to PM you next time I'm in the market for another jacket - I have my eyes on some leather jackets now... :grin:
  11. pleasure is mine grace ;) one of their reps actually suggesrted it to me when i was at a show... i'm already lookin at their leather ones too ;)