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Textile Jacket / Pants Advice Needed

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Peleus, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    Long time off the horse and I'm looking at getting back into riding. As a result I'm budgeting up for gear etc and trying to get back into what is good and what isn't. I'll probably be purchasing a 600 supersport used for weekend rides and the occasional commute.

    To give a bit of a feel of what styles I'm after I'm probably looking at something like the Bell RS-1 Helmet in Matte Black, A* SP-8 Gloves and A* SMX 5 boots. A little sporty but I don't want to be walking around like a power ranger, some stylish patterns are ok but I'm also fine with darker / muted colours.

    What I need some advice on is a decent pair of textile jackets and pants. Ideally I'm after something that can be worn in all seasons and waterproof. Solid quality is the main requirement, but it doesn't have to be top of the line. No firm budget but I'm hoping to get away with $200 - $400 for each piece.

    Any suggestions fellow netriders?

  2. Hi Peleus,

    I'm a newbie, so my experience is next to non exsistant, but I bought and am quite happy with the Ventilator II jacket and pants by RST.

    Jackets was 260 and pants where 340 (I think).

    I picked them up from my local honda store
  3. A couple guys I know wear the RST ventiator III jacket and pants which are available in Aus

    The Ventilator III has a BALLISTIC/MAXTEX/K492 MESH outer and a removable HUMAX-Z waterproof/breathable membrane combined with a separate removable 75g quilted lining, this provides the perfect combination for both summer and winter riding. Wear the fully armoured outer on its own if the heat is on, or add the inner HUMAX-Z lining to create a windproof/waterproof pairing if the weather turns. Or add the quilted lining to provide all the warmth an all year jacket and jean combination require. Finally wear all three layers together when the weather really turns against you.
  4. :eek: Fridgy.. great minds think alike..
  5. Scary isnt :confused:
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  7. Thanks for the feedback folks, I'll definitely look into them. Seems very promising.
  8. tiger angel is top of the line and works but its outside your price range. cheap stuff lets the water in or it doesn't breath. all seasons and waterproof pretty much means Goretex or something similar and that's not cheap.
  9. Ventilator III jacket here, and it is great.
    As for pants, I went for a pair of Bullit jeans, but should have gone the RHOK ones.
    Gloves and boots, A* ones.
  10. Yep, RST Ventilator III work very well all year round.
  11. I've gone for the Alpine Stars Durban -

    Fours seasons
    - 100% Waterproof Goretex (removable liner)
    - Heaps of ventilation
    - Excellent protection
    - Pricy

    So far I love 'em

    probably more suited to a tourer / adventure tourer but if you want true four seasons this is the shit
  12. Spidi have some good 4 season textile stuff that you can import at a good price from Italy.
  13. dririder gear for me , rallycross with removeable linings , great all year round
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    I've got the RST Ventilator II, and presuming the III is similar than it gets another vote from me.

    Great all year round with the liner choices for my 30k commute.

    I've also got the matching pants which I use for long HWY trips during the colder months. Kevlar jeans I find are good enough for my trip to work during winter. But my commute also doesn't go over 80kph.

    The Dririder gear is also good, but didn't fit me as well as the RST. I also got the price for the RST dropped to much lower than the Dririder. Definitely worth trying multiple brands on and sitting on the bike as the subtle differences can make a big difference.
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  16. I've been wearing Dri Rider "pro summit" jacket and pants for the last 4 years, the pants have internal CE armour in the knees as well as padding on the hips and butt, the jacket has internal armour in the elbows and shoulders with padding on the back, also quilted thermal liners you can zip out in summer as well as zippered vents in the bicep, collar bone, shoulder blade and thigh areas, been a good piece of kit.