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Textile Gear in Brisbane

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Tildette, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. Good early (early for a uni student anyway!) morning!

    Trying to sort out female textile jacket and gloves. I know there are plenty of textile jackets out there but I have a few specific ones I'm interested in.

    Do any of you know where in Brisbane either stocks Spidi gear or can get it in? Pretty keen on their Synclair and Dueruote H2Out jackets.

    Also looking at Alpinestars jackets and gloves (they make some totally leather-free gloves and of course jackets, hooray for me), but I'm a tiny person and need to try on first. One of the gloves I'm after is discontinued but I figure if I try AS gloves in a different model I might still be able to find my size and just buy online. Do the sizes translate across models accordingly?

    Been having trouble so far with gear in the right size, if anything I'll cross my fingers with sizing charts and buy online.
  2. why do you specifically want no leather? vegan?? not criticizing, but you're abandoning the BEST protective material we joe-public can get our fuel-smelling hands on.

    sizes don't translate across suppliers unfortunately, but size charts are accurate.

    best bet for gear would be moss street in slacks creek, there's maybe 20 bike shops down there. that's a starting point at least
  3. Yeah vegan. Can handle a leather seat but not the gear. It seems textile has become a pretty super option in every department except quality gloves which haven't been developed that much, just the cheap waterproof ones. The few synthetic ones with good reviews seem problematic to get over here. Definitely going to try find my size in AS and see if I can get the discontinued glove.

    Keen to get down to Slacks Creek when I get a chance, cheers!
  4. try BIKERS WORLD at 24/115 robinson road geebung they have a large stock in womens sizes,but not the brands you mention,see ALAN or SAM they are nice people.