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Texas police taser a 72 year old woman over speeding ticket

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by waedwe, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. W T F ???????? :shock:
  2. Grandma or not, this is Texas. Even the toddlers are armed.
    I'll bet anything she was packing iron.
  3. and my love of enforcement agencies continues :roll:
  4. Don't tase me sonny jim
  5. Hang on, someone of ANY age gives officers lip and then goes to get back into a multi-ton deadly weapon gets tased and we're complaining because....??


    No, your right. Should have rugby tackled her and broken a hip. Or maced her perhaps.? Or maybe let her take off down the road, ended up in a pursuit crashing into god knows what?

    She wasn't tasered over a speeding fine, she was tasered for ignoring police directions and trying to get back into her vehicle, which can turn into a deadly situation very, very quickly.
  6. agree with Liq.

    The officer was giving her instructions & all she did was shout over & over again 'you're going to do that to a 72 yr old woman????' like that gave her some right to NOT be subject to the same laws as the rest of us.

    personally I think he should have shoved her on the bonnet of his car & cuffed her rather than used a taser

    but she deserved what she got after refusing to comply with lawful instructions
  7. if she wasn't incontinent before, she will be now...
  8. Quick way to recharge the pace maker
  9. The fact that she dared him to do it after playing up so much, well, to be a dickhead, she was asking for it.
  10. Many places have guidelines for the use of Tasers, the police aren't meant to Taser minors or people at risk of having heart problems which would include I would think people of advanced age.

    Whilst it's clear she wasn't complying with the officers directions it's also clear that the large police officer would have had no difficulty restraining her without the use of the Taser.

    Pepper spray would have been more appropriate given the obvious age of the person and the likely hood of cardiac issues.
  11. just cus one is old does not mean they don't need alittle discipline :grin:

  12. Just saw it on the News. Pretty ordinary.
  13. it's a fcuking speeding ticket, mail it too her, if they don't know how please contact the victoria government, those fcuking idiots have mastered it

    oh before you all tell me, yes i know speed kills and all they are trying to do is keep me safe, yes i watch tv too :roll:
  14. We're complaining because it was a massive overeaction to the dangers faced, if he cant control a lippy 72 year old without resorting to what could be a fatal tasering of a old heart then he has absolutely no business being a police officer. He was never in any danger and could quite easilly control her without injury, he acted in my opinion brainlessly and without due regard to her welfare
  15. Yeah, I think the way she acted warranted her arrest. Not complying with police orders usually ends in tears. However this situation could have been dealt with better. Apparently she is suing. You reckon she will get anywhere?

  16. When will the government start testing cops for mental illness.
    I know a few who display psychopathic tendancies.
  17. This isn't in your country.