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Texas police... I mean NSW Police taser unarmed drunk guy...

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by browny, Jun 14, 2009.

  1. Once again, Police have decided to use their last resort (besides their firearm) First.... Look what happens when you come to Sydney and don't get off the road quick enough when asked too...... you get tasered..... Twice................ with 4 massive riot squad coppers watching you... they'll even hold you up whilst you cop the taser the second time....
    NSW the Police State.... :roll: :roll:
    Seriously.. I fcuking hate some coppers

  2. Apparently, he didn't 'comply'.

    Yup, with you Browny, but Liq and others will accuse me of being all touchy feely.

    fcuk, the NSW police are a bunch of pricks. And the lovely NSW corrupt government have just announced the wholesale implementation of Tasers to their finest officers.

    fcuk, this place is fcuked. Can't wait for the responses from Liq about how he had it coming and if only he'd complied. Yeah, a drunk man, walking AWAY from the police. Tell me now that the police won't use a weapon when it's given to them. Since when do the police have the right to Taser someone for not reacting quickly enough? And this will be repeated in every town and every state across this country, but not every incident will be captured on camera and the police will trot out their usual shit about how they were defending themselves.

    Isn't Australia supposed to be a country with a healthy disregard for authority? I call BS.[/code]
  3. That is messed up. Call me naive but I was always under the impression that peoples reactions were slowed considerably when drunk... Excessive force if you ask me. Sounds like some cowboy was itching for a chance to use it.
  4. He will get a medal for it.
  5. And that's the point I was making in the other thread SS. Not that the tools aren't needed and that the police don't have a pig of a job, but that normal human reaction is to use whatever tools you have. Had a long and tiring day, get some crap off a drunk on a Friday night, easy, just taser the bugger. That'll work. But with a society that is cam'd and mic'd up, it's a very difficult thing to do.

    Doubtless the NSW police farce will attempt to lie and justify this and their corrupt colleagues in the government will assist them in their PR blitz.

    The UK government, in an effort to the same has basically made it an offence for a member of the public to take photo's of a police officer is the officer believes it may endanger their safety. Already there have been plenty of reports of police officers trying to stop legitimate filming of protests in the mistaken belief that they were allowed to do so. And if that had happened then the film of the riot police assaulting the homeless man at the G20 march would never have come to light.

    Make no mistake, there are people in government and the police who believe it is their right to rule over us.
  6. This country is messed up.

    "A great civilisation is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within." Will Durant.

    Let's taser them.

    Oh, Liquidity too since he thinks it's harmless.
  7. Yeah it shits me too..... too frickin tears..

    What really bothers me is that the Police sells this shit to the journo's and pollies that they will only use it instead of using their gun.....
    They pulled this shit with OC (pepper) spray as well....... as a last resort... now it's the first thing to come out...
    Now they are all going to have tasers.... I bet they start tasering anyone that doesn't comply in a quick enough manner.... With this guy if they used the taser as a 'last resort' can you imagine this apparently 'Senior' officer pulling his glock and putting 2 rounds in him no....... so i guess this guy is meant to count himself lucky the cop had a taser or it'd be lights out???

    The manufacturers of Pepper spray must be dumping their shares onto the stockmarket quick, cause after all the cops have tasers, the pepper spray companies are going bankrupt for sure!
  8. I hate to say it, and I hate seeing it happen, but we are becoming more and more like America every day... No wonder everyone over there is armed....

    It will be like that here when i'm an old man.... :(
  9. A significant event led to a nationwide gun recall. I doubt this will be reversed for a long time.
  10. Interesting to see how he goes with his legal action!! :?
  11. Agree with everything 100%

    This wont be the last time this happens, especially with the morons that run this state issuing more frontline police with tasers.

    I don't see how more training in taser use will overcome the attitudes in a cop's mind that justifies tasering someone when they are not an imminent threat. I think they need a better psych test for people being issued these things; to many trigger happy coppers.

    Tasers are really just the 21st century replacement for the 19th century baton... If it would have been inappropriate to bludgeon with a baton it should be inappropriate for a cop to taser. People seem to disconnect the brutality from tasering because they can only see a person fitting - i guarantee the person being shot doesn't see it as any less brutal.

    *Edit -

    Every taser has a camera and mic in it that is activated when the weapon is removed from its holster - however it is interesting to note that the following was published in the SMH article (http://www.smh.com.au/national/police-inquiry-into-stun-gun-shooting-in-city-20090614-c7fu.html)

    "Police confirmed that the deputy commissioner Dave Owens had at the weekend urgently sought a copy of City of Sydney television footage of the incident, having previously reviewed the Taser's camera record of the event and seen no evidence of a problem."

    So according to "taser-cam" the deputy commissioner thinks the cop was within his rights to use the weapon, far cry from reality and it show a real shortfall in the reliance on this footage!
  12. You guys are over-reacting.

    Don't worry.

    The police will be trained very very well in the use of their new Tazers. To ensure that the proper level of training occurs, the NSW state government will reallocate 80% of funding from the "Community Policing", "Counselling and Basic Psychology", "First Aid", and "Actually Knowing How To Talk To People" training programs. Which works out to more than $2.50, a spare button, and a small ball of lint.

    Plus, if you're not doing anything wrong, you shouldn't get tased... much... probably.

    The guy was in possession of a small amount of drugs.

    He is suing the police force.

    Good on him. Everyone who gets tazed should sue. To make damn sure the police REALLY believe they're worth having.
  13. The case WAS reviewed at the time. Apparently the Taser has a voice and video capture capability. The commissioner reviewed the footage and believed nothing had gone wrong. However, the video is only captured ONCE the unit has been deployed. It does not capture anything before. So, doubtless, the actual operation of the Taser met all their standards, but the actual initial deployment was incorrect.

    I don't want the man to get compensation, I want the officer who assaulted him to face some form of punishment. I don't know what it is with the NSW police force, but they seem to have a reputation for being over the top.
  14. Hey, it coulda been worse, if it was vic pol they would have let off 27 rounds, 3 of which would have hit the perp.

  15. :roll: Ahh here we go. Just tell everyone here how good a shot you would be when getting shot at. And you may as well throw in your experience of it to back it up.
  16. I don't like those taser bloody things. They farkin hurt!

    The force continuim is a confusing bloody thing. It's hard to tell what is enough and what is excessive. This however, just screams excessive.

    Police seem to use those things without a thought for the person. It's not a nice sensation getting electricuted and unless you're Chev Chelios, the outcome will not be favourable!
  17. Actually its activated the moment the unit's turned on, which you ened to do before the laser targetting and flashlight systems turn on.

    Anyway, we don't know the circumstances. They guy may have been ignoring police, he may have had a broken bottle in that t-shirt in his hands, the cop may not have been pointing at the perp but pointing him out to police further down the road. He may already ahve taken a swing at officers. He may have already been sprayed. He may have evaded a physical attempt to subdue him further down the street, before this footage rolls. He was obviously being vocal, if he was threatening an innocent member of the public and made a beeline for them, who knows? Oh, and he also tried to get back up immediately after being tased. Nobody does that if their remotely sober, your just not capable of it.

    The guy wouldnt show them his hands, and wouldnt drop the shirt in them, which meant he could have been concealing something, which would normally be grounds for drawing a gun.

    Lots of possibilities. Let's not forget the initial review cleared him. I'll remind anyone barking about cops protecting each other, that review committee's are responsible every day/week/month for handing down fines/disciplinary measure to cops around the country every single day. Hell, they even prosecute their own regularly when it's warranted . Sadly, sometimes when it's not.

    All we know is that the initial review, approved the use in this situation. Now, 3rd party footage has come to light which, funnily enough, only shows the end game. The last 10-20 seconds. I'd like to see the footage showing what that bloke was up to in the minute beforehand.

    We shall wait and see, and if the use was totally unjustitied I'd be the first one asking for review and measures put in place to prevent it again, but at the moment it's "jumping the gun" a bit. Bad pun.

    So many people are quick nowadays to whinge about the rights of the criminal. The dudes drunk, abusive, and either a drug user or drug dealer. This wasn't some innocent person being tased. Some person in the "wrong place at the wrong time" who ran into a wanker cop. What about the rights of the public? The cops?

    This entire thread, and the other one, should be showing you ALL exactly why the taser has been rolled out.
    You all seem like generally law-abiding people of above average intelligence. I.T Literate. You also dont, I gather, have very much respect for police though you dont seem to have the first clue how they operate. At least, few of you are willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

    Take away a lot of IQ points, add a criminal lifestyle, and you become/have the kind of person police have to deal with regularly. I think it's great they finally have a tool that can make these fools spoiling for a fight, sit up and take notice, that you goddamn well listen to the police when your acting like a fcukwit and threatening innocent members of the public.
  18. #18 Lucius, Jun 15, 2009
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    I know that as far as im concerned its less about the rights of a criminal and more about the abuse of a weapon in the hands of a supposedly senior police officer. Multiple cops and one guy, i don’t see how this level of force is justified.

    Do you also recall the cop that tasered a teenage girl in QLD, also caught on video? (http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,25197,24654141-5006786,00.html

    Edit - heres the video ([media=youtube]dasbpCBU0hI[/media]) - can clearly see the cop making the first physical contact!

    Care to make up some excuses for these cops?

    By your argument any person wearing clothes could be concealing a weapon, so should anyone not doing what a cop says and wearing more than a budgie smuggler get tasered?

    The guy may also have been Osama Binladen - still no excuse to use a taser unless an immediate threat is present.

    What excuse do you give to the cops for tasering him the second time?
    Coherency is not something you recover straight away after being electrocuted like that... he barely manages to get back up.

    Also i don’t see how being vocal is grounds for being shot - seriously what do you think cops have been doing the last say 50 years in these situations prior to tasers?

    The taser is a weapon, don’t think that because it is hyped up as a non-lethal way to subdue people, and that because you don’t see any external damage that it doesn't have very real consequences in use.

    i reiterate - the taser is supposed to be the modern replacement for the baton, a means of bridging the gap between mimimal force (man handling, etc...) and lethal force. Do you think it would have been okay for the officers to pull a baton on him and immobilise him this way?
  19. Oh, I must have missed the bit of the video where they held the trial and presented all the evidence that clearly shows this person to be anyone other than 'the accused, subject to proof and prosecution'.

    ...Coz if I saw that bit of the video, maybe I wouldn't be thinking you're a giant muppet, right about now.
  20. sorry but "could have been" doesn't cut it, tasers were brought in as another viable choice for officers over deploying their sidearm and are meant to only be used in circumstances where they feel they are in danger.

    Basically if they wouldn't use their sidearm they shouldn't use their taser.

    A drunk bloke walking away from an officer is not a reason to use a taser in any definition, and to taser him again after he's up surrounded by officers is just abuse and boarders on torture. No way he was a threat, officers are meant to be trained to defuse and control situations without resorting to brute force.

    Officers like these are their own worse enemy as it's lame brain actions like this that reinforce negative views of police. When I was a kid we were told police were there to help you, but you know what every dealing I've ever had with police has been either negative or dealing with a arrogant git who thought because he had a blue uniform he was some how better then me.

    Now go to New Zealand and their police are polite, talk to you not at you and are interested in prevention and not just enforcement. I was blown away my first time in NZ when I was in a pub and 2 officers came in advising people they had t booze bus setup and to catch cabs home if need be.

    There is a right and a wrong way, and generally using a hammer is the wrong way.