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Tex (motoplast) is this you ? Scrambles is this . . . .

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mickyb V9, Nov 6, 2006.

  1. I'm sorting out my pics on my laptop and I came across this one . . . .


    So, Tex, is that you in the background ?
    Is that your Aprilia Mille in the foreground ?

    Scrambles, Do you work with that Block-Head ? . . . hahahahah
    Does the blonde work at you TV network also ?
  2. Hey MickeyB, yeah, that's me in the background behind Tim Webster, Tim's Harley in the foreground & my RSVR Factory behind it. The Blonde is Tara and she is a Road Safety Officer for one of the councils atached to the 'Ride To Survive' program to which I am heavily involved with.

    Don't worry about 'Sydney City ' prices, I'll just triple it!!!!!!! :grin:
    Tex & Bundy
  3. Whooah!
    Tara, eh?

    Yeah I'd be heavily involved with that program too...
  4. I'll wrastle you for her.
  5. look how much of a block-head Tim Webster is !

    Do they make helmets XXXXL ? :p
  6. I'll wrastle you too...

  7. You know, I am starting to worry about you, always with the fruity posts......not that there's anything wrong with that. :-k
    I reckon another foot and those guys will be dating.

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. You too. Bring it on.
  9. You fools!

    I'll wrestle HER for you... You guys can play with each other as much as you want...

  10. Ya can't beat a good cat fight!

  11. DAMN! Hes right!!
    Be warned, she will put up a hell of a fight.....
  12. Fight, shmight! All part of the fun!
    Wrestling you say, hmmm, hey Timmy.................
    I'll wrestle you, but you have to buy me dinner first! :tantrum:

    Regards, Andrew.