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Testy biatch....

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by grange, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. A MAN has been flown out of a remote Territory town after his wife allegedly tried to hack off his testicles during an argument about his fidelity.

    Police were called to Tennant Creek Hospital where a man, 35, with stab wounds to his testicles was being treated about 7am on Saturday.

    The man allegedly had had his scrotum "hacked" with a knife during a fight with his wife.

    The argument is believed to have started over the husband's alleged cheating.

    The Royal Flying Doctor Service evacuated the man from Tennant Creek to Alice Springs.

    The man was yesterday described as being in a stable condition at Alice Springs Hospital.

    Tennant Creek police are investigating the incident.

    No charges have been laid over the outcome of the alleged domestic dispute and assault.


  2. She's got some balls doing that.
  3. Maybe it's not her first marriage, she could have a whole collection!
  4. Reverse the sexes, then imagine the outcome.

    Where's the equality?
  5. If the victim didn't press charges, the outcome would be exactly the same.

    Where's the inequality?
  6. Does it matter if it's a criminal offence [as opposed to civil]?
  7. How good would she be in bed. Hey. Bloody marvelous.
    I'll marry that girl one day.
    Now I think about it... probably is one of my X's, sounds like it.
  8. It doesn't work like that it's up to the police to press charges and they frequently do so to enforce and uphold the law irrespective of the "wishes" of the alleged victim.

    Can't imagine why this hasn't happened in this instance, but I would think the press left out a key word.

    I suspect it should read that police haven't laid charges yet.
    They would I think be waiting to see what the impact on teh victim is before deciding the severity of teh charges appropriate.
  9. I would have thought that, regardless of the technicalities it would be very hard to make a charge stick if the alleged victim won't cooperate unless there are other witnesses prepared to testify.
  10. you mean witnesses like the attending paramedics, police and neighbours?
  11. It sounds like a sackable offence.
  12. So they actually saw the knife go in, and who was holding it at the time did they?

    If the attacker denies everything and the victim continues to insist, for example, that they were chopping vegetables and slipped, there's really not much that can be done.

    Quite a number of high profile assault cases have fallen over in WA because the people who were actually present at the time won't cooperate. Given the additional difficulties that generally seem to be involved in domestic violence cases, whether there is a successful prosecution is going to depend entirely on what the alleged victim and the alleged attacker decide to say about it.