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Testride list... Z1000, CB1000, B-King, what else?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by wojzilla, Jun 28, 2009.

  1. the time has come to go test riding, I've so far narrowed it down to the Kawasaki Z1000, Honda CB1000 and Suzuku B-King.

    I'm 182cm tall, so after a bigger bike... been riding a GPX 250 and apart from looking like a gorilla on a mini bike I tend to get quite bad cramping on it.

    At the moment I don't deal with a lot of traffic, so lane filtering isn't an issue. Also not too fussed with power, at the risk of sounding like a blouse the b-king on paper looks to have way too much :shock:

    I've also contemplated a cruiser, ridden them a few times found them comfortable but since i'm not middle aged, nor do I ride in gangs I don't think its me :grin:

    Open to suggestions, was considering the speed triple but it looks a bit small? I'd really like to have a list prepared rather than be pushed what ever the dealer wants to sell that particular week.
  2. Test anything and everything you can. Have a list, that's cool. But if you see something you like the look of? Test ride it.

    At the least you have a fun 15 or whatever minutes and a better understanding of what is out there.

    Regarding the street triple, you will probably find it a fantastic little machine... test ride one :]
  3. Bandit 12 or 1250 :grin: Your going from a GPX2 fiddy to a B-King :? do you really need a naked Busa motor :?:
    Hornet 9 is nice bike for the bucks. From what your looking at I pressume bucks aint an issue?
  4. Hell no! Hence my post, the B-king is just a purley superficial attraction based on apperance :cool: The only thing that's justifying the b-king is the "noob mode" ecu option on it.

    Ahh i forgot all about the hornet, there used to be a nice one parked next to my work. Back on the list.

    Budget is undecided, fairly open up to 20k, naturally I would rather sit around 15k but all depends on how impulsive I get :oops:

    As for the step up from a 250 to a 1lt, i'm just under the impression that a larger displacement bike means more bike for me to sit on. I'm not adverse to trying smaller bikes though.
  5. I rode past a suzuki boulevard at the local dealer, the thing looks like a beast. its a cruiser but who knows, you might like it after a test ride.
  6. At the 15k to 20K price range it's really hard not to pick the Speed Triple... but if you really are too big for one then maybe an Aprillia Tuono?
  7. If you don't mind spending a bit more look at a K1300R.

    What about a monster 1100 or a hypermotard? There are heaps of bikes to choose from if you're not on a strict budget.
  8. Speed Triple (the 1050) is plenty comfortable for your height.

    They rock.
  9. FZ1N, Aprilia Tuono, Hornet 900. What did you think of the CB1000R (assuming you have taken it for a test ride)?
  10. * KTM Superduke
    * KTM 950 SM or SMT
    * Tiger
    * Speed Triple
    * Hornet 900
  11. I know this will sound strange but I can see a B-King in my future as well. I just love the fact that it's so different.
  12. Yeah, definitely don't go past the Bandit as one member of the list.
  13. i'm about 10cm taller than you and ended picking up a GSX 1400 and love it. i used to cramp really badly if i spent more than an hour on the bike but rode the 14 to yarrawonga and back the first weekend i got it without any issues. i'll never get tired of the power that's for sure.

    In saying that, had i been prepared to spend the extra coin i would have been seriously considering the speed triple.
  14. +1. The monsters go from about $13k-$22k and the hypermotard is around the $22k mark too. Shame they don't make the SuperSport anymore, the 900SS could be had for around for around $18k or so.

    I love how Ducati make such light bikes, given the power output. Just realised Triumph seem to as well.
    696 Monster is 161kg, 58.8kW
    1100S Monster is 168kg, 69.8kW
    Street Triple/Street Triple R is 167kg, 79kW
    Speed Triple is 189kg, 97kW
  15. The 1050cc triple from Triumph is awfully nice. Love the trademark 'whirr'/whistle noise they make, too. :cool:

    (Though the V-twin sound is cool too)
  16. If you're testing a B-King, test the Yamaha Vmax.

    It's far better looking :)
  17. I was gonna say V-max too, but if you actually want to turn corners, get a Speed Triple 1050. They are grouse.
  18. Depends how tight that budget of $20k is. The VMax is $32k RRP. :p
  19. I rode about 20 bikes when making the choice for the latest one.

    To be honest i think riding to many can confuse more than it helps :?

    Pick a handful you REALLY like. Ride those, if you don't like, open the gates for another handful and see how you go.

    The B-King was an insane ride, i was 2 inches from buying one but the snob in me wanted the S4R.
  20. I am about 197cm, and find the Speed Triple a good fit, you are not too big for one.

    I sat on a Tiger today, was a good size, just not 'right' if you know what I mean. Try it, you may like it. The 3 cyl motor is just great.