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Testing videocam in the wet ...

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Nightowl, Jun 8, 2010.

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    Tried out new videocam in the rain on a recent ride & thought I'd share some of the images here.

    The videocam is a Kodak play-sport (waterproof) and I attached it to the handlebars of my cruiser with Intova universal mount and a shoelace. :-s

    Still finding my way around the editing software, and on the bike for that matter (learner) ... but ya gotta start somewhere. :D

    Can see it here on facebook. (Think transition to youtube gives it a bit of fuzz, much clearer on my computer).

    Ride safe!


  2. Nice video - well done. Was that out on Wildwood Rd?
  3. Nice vid - Watching the early part on the glassy-sheen roads made my bot-bot clench a little :D

    Fun ha!
  4. Thanks Zenali & Ohmigosh! :grin:

    Tbh, not sure if that's Wildwood, quite possibly, new roads for me that I hadn't travelled before & I chopped up the vid a bit ... had an eye on speed & corner signs but didn't always catch the road names. Will have to take another trip out that way to double-check :D - beautiful countryside. The golden glow that swept across everything mid-afternoon was just glorious, ran out of batteries so wasn't able to capture it.

    :rofl: With all the muscle clenching you'll have buns of steel!!!

    Always learning/doing something new when out riding, have learnt so much in such a short space (this time even had to flick fuel to reserve while cruisin' along - what a strange noise it made, bit of a squeal then shudder, then smooth) - huge kudos to our mentors here! =D>
  5. nice work! Thanks for sharing :)
  6. Quick question?

    How/where did you mount it to your bike?
    If possible, photo of it on your bike would helpful
  7. Thanks, "the blacke". :grin:

    Saw a couple of your posts and thought I'd also give it a whirl!

    After a brief lesson in knot tying (shoelace) was good to go ... you'd think after having done some sailing I'd know how to tie a proper knot, but they're still rubbish (although much better now). :D

    Joe - mounted it on the handlebars, smack dab in the middle of the bars behind the headlight (am on a v-star 650).

    Used an Intova universal camera mount - which is probably designed more for helmets but wrapped around my handlebars just fine. There's a pic of the mount here.

    There's a part of the mount which screws into base of camera that releases from base plate of mount so don't have to disassemble the lot when take it off.

    And then (with some help from a friend) wound a spare shoelace round the handlebars to one side and tied it to the camera - there's a little place on the camera where can attach a wrist strap, that's where shoelace was tied to so if camera happened to come off I wouldn't completely lose it.

    Will get a pic for you when I put it back on. :grin:
  8. Just for clarity.

    The vid was of Annandale road and then the first part of Wildwood.
    The ride was to the Chocolate mill.

    Yep, it was WET!!!!

    Fun was had by the whole group though, wet is just part of the experience.

    Well done Barb, thanks for the company.

  9. That tune with the rain makes that whole clip so relaxing!! lol :D
  10. I was thinking the same thing - nearly drifted off at my desk, albeit with a grin on my face...
  11. Thanks, Doug!!! :grin:

    Was a really great day.

    Thanks "TheRuss" and Bluefreak - glad you enjoyed it. It was a relaxing ride and I was grinning from ear to ear all the way, hardly noticed the rain, perfect pace for this learner. Glad to see some of that feeling came through with the vid. :D

    Relaxed is definitely the way to go - that's what happens when you've got great mentors!!!


    *For any new riders reading this, do check out the Mentoring thread under New Riders section & Saturday practice session in events - well worth your while. (y)
  12. Nice, I haven't figured out how to do that whilst moving yet. Both times I've had to switch to reserve, fortunately had enough time/room to pull over and then change. Should probably practice that some time :-s

    Great video as well.
  13. Thanks, Teodons! :grin:

    Yes, that'd be a good idea ... think the prospect of taking one hand off the bars while in motion is daunting, but finding a quiet stretch of road and familiarising self with reaching down to touch it while in motion & still looking ahead should do the trick. Maybe practicing it a few times first while stationary before setting out might help too. :)