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Testing the Limits of Yourself & Your Bike Survey

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by mcbcatherine, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. Hi,

    My name is Catherine and I'm currently looking for people to participate in my research project. This project is part of my Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Psychology degree at Deakin University.

    The project follows up a study conducted in 2008, which found that people high in psychological need for control (people who like a lot of control over their lives - if you like, ‘control freaks’!) were generally safer riders. However, we unexpectedly also found that these riders reported more performance of stunts (wheelies and wheel spins).

    This study therefore aims to further explore the relationship between safety and stunting. Are those high in need for control seeking to test the limits of themselves and their bikes? Can stunting help you become a safer rider?

    We are therefore looking for licenced on-road motorcycle riders, who have ridden within the last 24 months, to complete the confidential questionnaire that makes up this project.

    If you're interested in participating, or just want to find out more, then please follow the link below:

  2. hi catherine. I'd put it down to "because we can", or just a little bit of rebellious nature to the draconian levels of enforcement of a lot of petty laws.

    I think that if it didn't involve spending tens of thousands of dollars, you'd find car drivers doing them too.

    Also interesting to note, is that Mobility Scooters and Electric Wheel chairs are fitted with anti flip wheels in the rear to stop the operators inadvertantly doing "wheelies".

    More importantly have you any more information about exactly how this information will be used by yourself or Deakin? Are the results and interpretations of this study potentially going to be either Given/sold/loaned to any government body?
  3. Yea people who want to control their equipment well are "control freaks" :roll: . Here is a question- why would a "control freak" stunt, there are too many variables, hence the likelihood that something will go wrong. Now a true "control freak" would naturally keep variables to a minimum so it would be more logical to surmise that a "control freak" would be the "safest" rider around, never taking risks and keeping everything under their control? Would it not?
  4. Cool. Done. GL with it.
  5. Perhaps need for control is linked with those with a high level of control. I.e. the skill and ability to stunt with less risk.

    Yes, I think stunting and pushing your bike to the limits will make you a safer rider. In the same sense that advanced training courses will.
  6. I agree 100%.

    Unfortunately Catherine is no longer here to take your opinion on board. :wink:
  7. ok... Why not?
  8. Well i've filled in the survey.

    Someone asks nicely for help so i'm happy to give my 2 cents. Afterall i've seen the Deakin university studies thrown about in discussions so they've obviously been useful to people in the past.

  9. cos im pretty sure this user is hitting every bike forum on the net, have seen the same thing on another forum
  10. Completed
  11. Hence the reason this survey is investigating the relationship further.
  12. All done.

    Good luck.
  13. I dunno about this survey, as bluezx14 points out, there seems to be some flaws, or at least, misconstrued inferences made.

    If a soccer player practises and through that learns to do some tricks, does that make them a better player.
    The best bit is:

    "While participation in this project will not directly benefit you, the information gathered may be used by organisations working for road safety (e.g., motorcycling clubs, transport departments) to help them improve motorcycle rider education programs and road safety media campaigns. "

    I can see the news story now:

    "Hoon bikers using the road for stunts"

    A recently completed study at Deakin University has concluded that bike riders are control freaks who use the road for stunt riding in the mistaken belief that it improves riding skill.

    Snr Sgt Plodfoot has slammed bikers irresponsible actions. He said that bikers were endangering the public with their stupidity and it would not be tolerated.

    "We are launching operation 'stamp out' in an attempt to put an end to these unsafe practises and reduce the road toll. Bike riders are a threat to themselves and other road users and we intend to stamp them out. This type of behaviour has gone on for far to long and we're sick of it."

    The study showed that bike riders thought that doing wheelies and burnouts improved their skills.

    "Nothing could be further from the truth." Snr Sgt Plodfoot said. " Bike riders account for a overly high percentage of deaths on the road and they need to be put off the road for good."

    Snr Sgt Plodfoot went on to say that the study showed that all bike riders were hoons who wanted to "push the limits" in an attempt to control their bikes better. He said that 'Operation Stamp out' was designed to put bike riders off the road permanently.

    " The roads will be a much safer place without them".
  14. I do like your point. However Just for arguments sake:

    If you are super confident that if you stunt you are in fact in control, does that not make you in control of that situation, and would that be suggested as a 'control freak'? I do realise it does come from practise, but this could be associated with being younger and dumber and fearless..Yet still a control freak??

    Another point I think personally that is a sign of being a control freak, most experienced riders I know are not a big fan of being a passenger, for me especially, having two older borthers and a dad that ride, I used to spend many hours as a pillion when I was younger, although now I would do almost anything these days not to be a pillion (yes that means drive a cage), yet I am very comfortable to ride with someone as my pillion.

    I used the word pillion alot there didnt I...
  15. She has hit every motorcycle forum and newsgroup as well.
    If after all this she makes a recommendation for more speed cameras then all hell will break loose.
  16. :shock:


  17. After reading all the questions asked and visualising the possible inferences that could be derived, I respectfully decline the offer to participate in this survey.

    One possible inference that I would definetely not like, is that the F#cksticks at MUARC take the survey's (possibly totally wrong) conclusions to further their own anti motorcycle agenda.
  18. Rogue01, Mr_Ignorant, Blaise, rb30gtr,

    You fools are fanning the fires which keep the motorcycle safety levy in Victoria continually increasing year upon year. It now stands at $60.50 per annum, money I have to pay in order to have this bullshit spoonfed to me through advertising campaigns I pay for.

    Thanks alot. :evil:
  19. I hear ya, and im sorry that I put in 100% law obeiding answers. :grin:
  20. But you don't even know how we answered the survery?

    I don't live in VIC and do not work for any VIC Govt office. You should contact them if you have issues with how they are running your state.

    Suck it up princess.