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Testing police scanner

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Prawns, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. Ive been figuring out how to stream live police scanner online, think I have it nailed but Ive got no idea about how many users etc my internet can handle.
    If anybodys interested the stream is live now here mms://
    Not sure how reliable or long it will be running but its scanning Wagga Wagga police and also lower hunter (putty, singleton, raymond terrace, nelson bay, taree, buladelah areas and sometimes includes all port macquarie police area also)
    If when you click the link your computer asks what you want to run it with, choose windows media player

  2. In windows media player it says theres no streaming protocol attached? Any ideas?
  3. hmmm I saw u connected then disapear (says user connect), will check with a mate he can connect (its a nightmare with port forwarding etc in my router)
  4. I tried VLC player too, its not getting anywhere.

    Tried running them as admin too, so theres no firewall issue.

    Joys of vista!
  5. Worked for me: Win XP - media player.
  6. its all working and tested mate, would be your end?
    You could try manually open windows media player, going to the file menu and clicking "open url" and manually putting it in there?
  7. standard windows media player should work, im streaming using windows media encoder -im running win7 ultimate
  8. Works. WinXP and Media Player.

    Doesn't sound any more interesting than the analogue stuff I used to listen to in my 4WD. Some poor smuck did get done for unlicenced driving though. . .
  9. There are lots of iPhone apps that do this.

    I have one that does cops, ambulance and air control. They work really well.
  10. Ok, got it working too, messed with a few MMS settings.
  11. cool :) (and it is analogue police radio lols)
    I get cops, ambos, rescue services, military op freqs for F18s etc (eg "fox 1 fox 1" and all that crap) council services,fire, marine and cb radios. If the jets fly overhead might check if they are dogfighting but at the moment aint heard em.
    Its only scanning x2 police channel areas now tho
  12. there maybe a police chase shortly, police getting into position for a vehicle thats high speed and nearly crashed 4 or 5 times already, lotsa public peeps calling about him,,will leave it on that channel till it pans out, police are in wait i think
  13. Doesn't work straight away on a Mac with QT/Flip4mac, or iTunes or VLC.

    But I haven't messed around with it.
  14. cheers mate, your the first mac user to try i think lemme know how u get on (most peeps can just connect straight off it seems, i have a few users now but cant explain why others have troubles unless my bandwidth is getting full)
    I will post here if i stop the stream but I dont think im really doing much today so it can prolly stay active
  15. That car on the hume highway was pulled over.

    Reality TV.
  16. yeah he dint run....damit lols - are the audio levels ok? i noticed its banging into the "red" a bit here and arnt sure about possible distortian
  17. Theoretically Flip4Mac through Quicktime should do it on a mac, but MMS is a MS proprietary format and so Mac stuff rarely accommodates it I believe. Perhaps another format would work better?
  18. Actually it was an old lady wasnt it?

    I was turning up the volume at my end just so I could hear the voices
  19. I will look into the mms thing, I think it was the default (maybe no other choice) using microsofts windows media encoder - As it was made by microshaft it wouldnt suprise me if they didnt really look into mac compatibility grrr
    Edit: try this http://www.macosxhints.com/article.php?story=20060120152924831
    apparenlty if you have flip4mac the mms should work within quicktime used in conjunction with itunes
  20. was prolly a lady ur right gsxxer (old nutter driver lols) I was investigating various settings and not listening properly sorry - some peeps talk too quite into the radio, I dont think i can raise it anymore without it permanently in the red. Ahhh I hear the quiet lady, she is the operator for raymond terrace etc area (not wagga) she is always quiet unfortunatly lols - If you hear a guy calling jobs, its the wagga area police