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Testing out my new Pentax D-SLR.

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Mickyb V9, Feb 12, 2007.

  1. As some of you know, I dropped my beloved Fujifilm S5000 the other weekend at 100km/h . . . and the tough camera still works, only held together by electrical tape.

    I decided to buy a Pentax Digital SLR to replace it
    I got bored on Sunday, so I decided to test it out and refresh my SLR photography skills. And damn !! . . I love this camera !!

    What a better way to use motorbikes are subject matter . . .

    We were looking for knee scrapers on a bend (not mentioning any roads ;)), but no one was interested in leaning right over ! :eek:

    here are some pics from the afternoon . . .

    There was this Monster and Tuono dude going on a sunday ride !!!


    Then these three guys who pulled out of the lean when they saw us !!!


    The only guy trying was this dude on a Beemer !! :eek: . . . Beemer4Lyfe !! :rofl:

  2. These two boyfriends took the squiding4Lyfe trophy ! :LOL:


    This would have been good only if there weren't any tree shadows


    But this one takes the cake for the hardcore at speed on the corner ! :rofl:
    250-Gangsta4Lyfe !! :LOL: . . . .. btw thats Scrambles ! :shock:


    I might go out there again on the weekend and learn more about my new toy. ;)

    . . . . don't forget to smile ! :grin:
  3. Very nice. K100 (like mine) or K10 (drooool)?

  4. I'm coming! Might bring my cameras too.