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Testing Homemade Camera Mount

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by VCM, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. #1 VCM, Jan 16, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 13, 2015
    Made a camera mount for the hornet.

    First Test didnt go too well ... damn tape jammed .
  2. Love the i4 alien sound :grin:
  3. That doesn't look strong enough. :LOL:
  4. Now I know where you live :shock: :LOL:
  5. Cool. Now we all know where you live!
  6. Ive always been a fan of 'ET' :LOL:

    DAMN ! How am I gonna cart that TV set now? :p
    I know .. a little overkill - 10mm plate :shock:

    FLUX, pat65 ..
    You all know where to drop that slab of beer now :p

    The vid is kinda boring, but serves it purpose as a test. :wink:
    I was pleasantly surprised at the LACK of wind noise though
  7. Damn, you could have made and installed one in 5 mins for less then $4 and would have done the same job.
  8. Hornet doesn't have screws or bolts, etc. in tank cap.
  9. :nail: Phizog

    Cleverlie, total cost = $5.00 ( 4 studs with nuts and 4 8x1.25 hellicoils)
    I used scrap alloy plates and two cylinder head cam caps, some rubber to insulate (had all lying around the workshop). A little TIG welding, grinding, and viola !
  10. Well that works too. :grin:
  11. Different because its attached to the forks rather than the tank. Looks pretty good though I reckon.
  12. Bummer, it ended just as it looked like it was about to get interesting.
  13. Wow, that was the most boring bike vid I've ever seen.

    Here's me in my garage.
    Waiting at a junction.
    Now here's me sitting at a red light.

    Here we go! END.

  14. It was not meant to be entertaining, as the title suggested, it was a test.
    But thankyou for your input. :roll:
  15. Jeez, you're touchy. I was only making a joke, mate, hence the smiley at the end.

    Have a nice cup of tea or something.
  16. Thats cool ..
    however > :) is a smile
    :LOL: is laughing

    Have a good day :)
  17. Well, excuse my lack of emoticon skills. At least I didn't call you a wanker or anything.

  18. I aint too big to apoligise , ( actually aint big at all :LOL: )

    Sorry, and Cheers !
  19. AWWWWWW, feel the love!
  20. Shut UP Rob !

    :rofl: :rofl: