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Testing Helmets - the DIY way

Discussion in 'Helmets' started by Takamii, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. interesting to see how not all helmets perform the same is it not

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  2. JEEBUZ that blue/black one exploded!

    sorta makes you thankful for the standards here rejecting helmets entirely
  3. Think about that statement you made the next time someone whines about not being allowed to use an overseas helmet.
  4. Wow, didn't expect to see THAT!
    Think about this: the people who manufacture those helmets, know exactly how weak they are...
  5. sure they know, but they also know they aren't supposed to get hit by a hammer. I would be quite comfortable using the second at a track.

    As for complaining about not getting it from Australia, I want to see a test with the same model - one from here, one from overseas - before I'm in any way convinced there is a difference.
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  6. oh i'm well aware of that, but are you of the opinion that a helmet model shipped to 2 countries is not the same helmet?
  7. I think the point is that the "bad" helmet would never be approved for sale here in any form. The "good" one might, but I haven't seen any of the other "standard" features tested (and nor do I have any idea what those factors might be...)
  8. wow i thought the first one was bad!

    Makes me glad i invested in a good helmet. as for importing, i think your a retard if you import a helmet that is not sold here/does not meet AS. e.g. dodgey ebay helmets.

    But at the end of the day, a Shoei XR1100 sold in the USA is the same as the one here, while i personally wouldn't import one because i enjoy my insurance and license, i can understand why people get annoyed.
  9. I have seen some coatings like what you spray for a ute bedliner, in the states they have some stuff called Rhino lining, its even blast proof to a good degree.
    I was just wondering if even a light coat would really make a helmet stronger, but not too heavy. granted a person could just but a $2,000 helmet but what about something of a DIY?
  10. we get rhino here too. i think the problem you'd face with something like rhino coating is impact transfer. the helmet may well stand up to the impact but the melon inside (should it survive physically) would likely be shaken beyond use
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  11. I dropped my lid on the way up the stairs to work the other day. Not a huge impact but it was on tiled stairs. My instinct was to consider it stuffed. But I decided to CT scan it instead!

    Was 100% fine :D
  12. Yeah, this test has merit in spades...
  13. With this test method you may well see a difference, but the results would be pretty much random.

    A test carried out with some kind of control and repeatability, I highly doubt you'd see any difference. Apart from a sticker I can't imagine that helmet companies make helmets specifically for our little market.
  14. How and where do you get it scanned?
  15. I'm a radiographer in a hospital. I just scanned it myself before the first patients of the day :p
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    See, there's the start of a great thread
    "Weird sh!t I've CT scanned"
    $50 bucks says a helmet isn't the best thing you've done.
  17. While I'd like to believe that they're all the same, it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if they made them shittier for other countries to save a few cents on the manufacturing
  18. Maybe, but I doubt it.

    I'd be more inclined to think that the manufacturers wouldn't go to the effort of making helmets better specifically for us. If the product they already make passes our tests, then fine, it gets sold here, if not then it doesn't and they leave it there.

    I have no doubt that some manufacturers specalise in cheap shit. But I do really, really doubt they go to the effort to improve their cheap shit slightly so they can sell it in our tiny market (best left to the premium brands, or the premium models they already make).

    I could of course be completely wrong which is why I buy helmets locally.

    Better to be safe than sorry (that said, I read somewhere that there is more than one way to get that Aussie standard sticker, a loophole that is being exploited by some of the newer smaller startups, more research to come on that topic though).
  19. well if I didnt have to meet Australian standards and only EU ones my helmets would be 980 grams in total complete with visor breath guard etc etc etc and - but due to the more stringent australian standard more reinforcement is required as such it makes the helmet nearly 400 grams heavier
  20. Wholly snapping duck shit batman, that's extraordinary.