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Testing for older drivers

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by adprom, Jul 21, 2013.

  1. http://www.news.com.au/national-new...5s-car-accidents/story-fnii5sms-1226682508479

    Every state but vic has testing but what gets me is the following quote:

    This just shows even further the role vested interests play in these organisations.

    It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why medical suitability and testing is a good idea considering older drivers are regularly found pressing the accelerator instead of the break, decreased senses, slower reaction times and often haven't updated skills or knowledge in 50 years.

    That isn't to say they can't drive - there are some fantastic older drivers. However, at older ages peoples' senses deteriorate so this just makes sense.

    You just have to wonder how those organisations reject ideas which would actually have a positive effect... They can stick the 0 BAC for over 70s where it fits tho
  2. Don't want to get the voters off side, someone crunched the numbers and decided it was to big a risk com re-election to get the over 65's off side.

    IMO turn 65 or have a serious health event i.e. heart-attack, strokes type 2 diabetes etc at any age and it is annual health checks for you.

    just be thankful though in NSW they issue a modified license for those elderly so bad that they can't pass the practical assessment it allows them to drive around there local area, you know down the local shops past the schools through the busy town centres etc.
  3. For government that makes sense. Not for Vicroads or TAC.
  4. wouldn't it ultimately come down to the government though? vicroads and TAC would only make recommendations, and then it is up to the government to legislate... don't forget jobs for the boy's if your working in Vicroads or TAC you probably don't want to get your overlords off side.
  5. I've lost track how many 'older' drivers have pulled out in front of me and then proceeded up the road at 20kmh under, with obviously no idea that anyone is near them. Mandatory eye tests at least should be required
  6. Yeah, I have never quite seen the logic in the limited licence business that we have in NSW.

    Like it doesn't matter if you are a danger to other people so long as you are within X kms of your home and only going down the road to the shops. WTF?
  7. Bugger off the lot of ya. Pimply teenagers with mobile phones in their laps are far more dangerous. ;)
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  8. Those pesky kids with their automobiles and their hippity hoppity music !
  9. In Melbourne sitting at a cafe on the footpath, can get you run over by some drivers who press the brake pedal, but floor the accelerator instead.
    Invariable they are always old people.

    I think someone needs to suggest to them they downgraded to those electric wheelchairs. Less damage from brain fade.
  10. Actually all bull aside I agree with testing people over a certain age, older people are more susceptible to deteriorating sight and hearing.
    I would also like to see a far more rigorous testing system for handing out licences , being able to perform a reverse park a driver doth not make. I am often taken by surprise by the sheer lack of driving skill of many younger drivers which really isn't their fault they just aren't taught properly in my view.
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  11. I think even with perfect eyesight you would probably see the same behaviour. Quite simply, many learnt to drive, and did a majority of their driving in times with far less traffic and older cars with slower acceleration. There simply wasn't the necessity to get into traffic flow like now.

    They also were in their prime when the road toll was 1000+ a year in each state. Gives you an idea of attitudes and developments since then. However they/we aren't required to show we have updated every few years.
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  12. Trust me they aren't the major problem, it's poor driver training that's killing our youth not old people. You'd be better off channeling your energy into that. The older driver has managed to get to old age without open road speed limits, seat belts, airbags , crumple zones and a plethora of other stuff that's meant to keep the modern driver alive.
    Anyway the thread topic is about a singular issue, and seeing some of you are being run over at carfes by old people on a regular basis then yes, I agree, older drivers should be tested but they should only be required to pass the same tests as everyone else.
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  13. I agree with that too. That's a different topic and the driver training one I have been advocating for a long time. This is simply a different issue.

    They may have managed to get there, but the current environment is very different. Significantly more traffic. Speeds are much the same but with far more traffic. Road conditions are better though (which in itself I think actually works in reverse because people drive to speed limits rather than conditions). Same tests I agree.
  14. A word of warning to all those who want to make it hard for the older folk to stay on the road.....now read my lips...
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  15. Hahaha on Highway Patrol tonight a person hit the accelerator instead of the brake and drove into a house.......she was 16 , the wife wanted to know why I was laughing so loud.
  16. Saw that.
    Nothing like mum letting the unlicensed 16 year old have a crack at driving in the school carpark while the minivan is full of kids.
    I mean what could possibly go wrong !
  17. #17 TonyE, Jul 21, 2013
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2013
    It may or may not apply to car drivers but from the Queensland Older Riders Study...

    Crash data analysis revealed that while the number of older riders in crashes has increased, the number of active riders has also increased, meaning that the crash rate for older riders has actually decreased. It was also found that older riders ride more, but crash less and commit fewer traffic offences than younger riders.

    http://casr.adelaide.edu.au/rsr/RSR2011/4APaper 165 Broadley.pdf

    Older riders/drivers are the victim of yet another "common sense" myth. "Of course their skills deteriorate, it's just common sense"

    As motorcyclists we are so much the subject of these myths that I remain surprised that we still make assumptions without evidence.
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  18. Very good point TonyE, very good point, that bloody common sense line again, how many times do we hear that when they make rules to "protect" us from ourselves.

  19. Lets cover some physiological basics.

    As people get older, their reaction times drop, significantly after age of 50.

    Similarly, eye sight has similar deterioration.

    As do a number of other factors.

    Now many drivers can compensate for these and that is great. I suspect riders, as you highlight either stop riding as they get less confident, or simply become significantly more conservative. That is fine, but isn't representative of all road users (Ulysses is a good example of conservatism with age).

    No one is saying take licenses off older generations. Simply have a few objective checks in place. If you want to apply that to everyone - that is fine I'd have no issue with doing a medical check every 5-10 years. If you were operating heavy machinery in a workplace it would be every 12 months.

    I'd dare say that a majority of older MC riders are physically active to begin with. These are not the sorts that worry me on the roads - nor are other motorcycles. However mobility impaired, with all sorts of ailments, on all sorts prescribed medications operating 1-4 tonnes of machinery.
  20. My very old next door neighbour reversed his car into our house and drove off (not realising my partner was upstairs watching). The turning arc is about a mile wide but he seriously just can't drive for shit any more.

    I have also been rear ended by an old lady whilst stopped at the lights for about ten seconds, who then tried to claim I'd rolled back into her (I was in an automatic car, pointing down a hill). She hadn't even tried to brake according to the guy behind her who witnessed it. I really wish there was some way to report older drivers as I have seen a lot of terrible older drivers.

    And as far as the comment about how everyone is getting older and this would make it harder for ourselves, well I would want my licence taken away if I was a danger to myself and others on the road and by the time I get to that age I might be too senile to realise that I've turned into a shit driver.
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