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Test your safety perceptions: cycling safety & reality

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by blacknblue, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. Safety is a hot topic these days. The public fears danger and craves safety. Parents are afraid to let their kids play out of their sight. Drivers buy huge motor vehicles, for protection against other huge vehicles. Aspirin bottles have seals that can defy a safecracker.

    What does this have to do with bicycling? Plenty, it seems, because everyone "knows" about bikes and safety. People say "You could get run over, you know," or "A simple fall could leave you brain damaged!" In his book The Polar Bear Strategy, author John F. Ross cheerfully admitted to camping near potentially man-eating bears, but he expressed fear for cyclists riding on quiet streets!

    Lots of perceptions exist about bicycle safety, many unfounded, here is an interactive quiz that asks each of us what we really know and gives us the answers that just might enlighten many. Share it around it will certainly help many others make a positive change in their lives by considering cycling in a new light.

    I hope traffic planners, path builders and people who think bicycles are just a toy have a look at this and actually challenge their beliefs with some facts and not rely on what they perceive from misinformation or no information at all.

    Follow the link to an information “self test:†... it is all anonymous, no one is keeping score, your secret is safe with you, enjoy


    Best regards and safe living, (as just the act of living is statistically 3 to 5 times more dangerous than cycling.)

    ^^ via email from a friend of mine :)
  2. Odd how everyone nowadays tells me cycling is dangerous, but when I was young (in the '70s) nobody said anything of the sort.

    I reckon it's the helmet wearing thing, it has brazened cycling as a dangerous activity.

    Actually I think it's got to do with anything other peiople aren't doing as being bad/dangerous/etc.
    So many people with comments on what other people should be doing.
    I reckon, as Dave Allen once said about the Catholic Church: "if you don't play the game, then you can't make the rules"...

    end rant.....
  3. I remember riding when I was in primary school and high school, one of the best things ever and not many harped about safety, besides parents telling us to be careful...which is normal in any day. I think it is more dangerous for me to drive to work during peak hour traffic.

    phong =P~
  4. Bloody Cyclists
  5. So,

    I don't recall anyone here saying cycling is especially dangerous...

    I do know that there have been a lot of comments in agreement with the last section on that page. And a lot of disagreement from cyclists who are often in denial about this..

    The stats come out about the same for motorcyclists too.

    Finally, it's good to remember a sad fact: The average cyclist's skill is not impressive. Most cyclists perform worse on the bike than they do when driving a car - and anyone who's complained about motorists knows that's sad, indeed! It's estimated that half of cyclists' serious injuries are caused by the cyclists' own mistakes, at least in America. And Jerrold Kaplan found that experienced cyclists who only "occasionally" obeyed traffic laws had an accident rate 38 percent higher than those who "usually" and "always" obeyed laws.

  6. I look at cyclists like they are suicidal! with their Lycra riding in front of trucks and buses let alone cars and vans!

    I read something a while ago which stated that you are better off riding without a helmet as cars will typically leave more space than if you were wearing a helmet :!:

    I wonder too if his 'cycling' includes BMX stunt riding / mountain biking. When i was a kid i broke 6 teeth because i came off a jump that i had built a little bit funny and face planted the concrete :!: it wasn't my first ramp or anything like that just one of those things and i know alot of kids who broke different things bmx'ing as well!
  7. Having joined the cycling ranks, we're far from suicidal.

    It takes a shit load more skill to pump a treadly up to 50km/h than it does on a motorbike. I have a new appreciation for our leg powered cousins.
  8. *effort

    I can get the mountainbike to 50 on a decent downhill. It's hard work more than skill, I think.
  9. I've been riding my mountain bikes for years on the footpath and have never had any problems :)
  10. just goes to show you can 'prove' anything with statistics
  11. /\ 76% of all people know that. :LOL:
  12. No mate, there's a fair bit of skill involved. It's not all about braun.
  13. does this mean that australian cyclists are less skilled or does it mean that our environment is more dangerous?
    i wonder if these casualties take into account that in australia you can cycle almost all year round while in the other countries it might be difficult to cycle during winter etc.