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Test tips for learners test (VIC)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by the_blacke, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. I did my learners in the 2 days course at H.A.R.T in Tullamarine ... here's a record of some of my tips and observations in case it's useful to others doing their test...

    * Wear sunscreen on your face - you're spending lots of time out in the sun, and the helmet has this big hole in the front to see out of...

    * The written test questions are taken from the whole book, not just the parts I found interesting. Sure, I'm not looking for a recreational registration, but they still had the nerve to test me on it anyway!

    * Bringing your own gloves - I should say, bringing your own racing gauntlet style gloves - means you take about 3 times as long to get ready to ride as everyone else when putting gear back on. If possible, park your bike at the end of the queue so nobody is waiting for you.

    * Don't forget to do up your helmet before you put your gloves on!

    * In the riding test, there is no minimum speed for taking the corners at, providing you don't stall (which is an instant fail). I found that taking the 2 test corners at idle in second was perfect: fast enough to maintain balance and control, slow enough to have little risk of running outside the lines.

    * During the test, put the clutch in well before coming to a stop (emergency break excepted). There's no point leaving it to the last second if you stall.[/list]
  2. 1st question on my test was, how log is a learner permit valid for.

    There's 1 down for you lot. :cool:
  3. Here is a quote from the vicroads site (sorry i havent got enough posts to allow me to put up a link)

    "A motorcycle learner permit allows you to ride on the road while you are learning. The permit is valid for 15 months or until you obtain a motorcycle licence."

  4. Having just done it yesterday, the best advice I can offer is stay as calm as possible. I made a point of telling myself that I was going to pass, and I was going to ride just fine and that stopped me from feeling any of the jitters that may have given me some grief when I was performing the test.
  5. I agree totally with the relaxing and not over thinking when doing the test.
    I passed mine yesterday and leading up to the assesment I was stressing out. Even managed to have a few embarrasing stalls when doing the slalom.
    In the end I just took a deep breath and went into the assesment. Passed on my first shot.
    My main bit of advice would be when in the slow ride, listen to the engine and use the clutch more than the throttle to regulate the Revs. Did mine in 12.16 seconds and I know I could have done slower if I tried.