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Test rode today

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Ushario, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. Sorry if this is the wrong place for everything in here, I just couldn't think of any where else that was as appropriate. :)

    Today I went and test rode a '96 GSX250F across, I really really like it, even though I don't have a lot to compare it to.

    It was heavier than the bikes at the Ls course and the dirt bikes Ive been on, but the weight of it actually gave me more confidence! I was on the bike for maybe 30 mins, they were really good letting me ride it so long I think.
    I could actually tell that counter-steering was helping me turn faster :cool:
    (only did a little, through a few traffic islands, AFTER the guy from the dealership told me too!)

    I'm going to ride a GPX250 maybe friday or sat to compare....

    They want 4K for it, it has a couple of scratches on the paint (small chips, belt buckle scratch on the storage area) and a scrape on the left hand side of the bike where its been dropped presumably at low speed. It has around 40 thousand Ks on it, I assume thats fairly normal?

    The fairing on the bike must have been replaced after this fall, as the scratches are only on the round part of the engine(?) that sticks out.
    Does this sound really bad? Just about all the older 250s I've seen have SOME sign of being dropped...and this isn't even close to the worst.

    Oh and it started the first time cold.

    Other than all that I didn't see anything wrong, is 4K a good price? I will of course get someone to come in and have a look and maybe help me tackle that price down a bit if I can...

    Oh and here is a link!
  2. 4K for a GPX with crash damage and 40,000 kms on the clock is too much. What year was it? Do a search on bikepoint or bikesales and have a look at the condition and age of GPX250s in your area for around 4K.
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  4. here's a comparison for u

    i bought a 11/06 GPX with 9950 k on the clock on,
    a couple of very minor scratches
    first reg -/03/07 so 15 months of warranty when i got it
    no reg or rwc (guy went overseas and thought it would be easier for purchaser to transfer as it was unreg)

    at the bargain basement price of 4K (private sale), but i waited a good 6 months for that bargain.

    be patient, u can do much better
  5. Never seen many of these for sale but i would say thats a bit too expensice like nightgash already said, most of these bikes sell for around 3.5-5 depending on condition. wait a bit more and i reckon you can find a better one :grin:
  6. Crash damage is good - it will hurt less when you drop/crash it!

    Get it for as close to 3k as you can and just deal with it :LOL:
  7. 40,000k in about 12 years is not to bad providing it has been maintained.
    It looks ok in the pic but could be about $500 to much. If its just been serviced with new tyres that could make the difference.
    I strongly suggest you ask a NR to have a look with you.
    There are plenty of other bikes around if it falls through so dont stress. Ride a few others so you have something to compare it with.
    Heavy steering could even be low tyre pressure but unless you compare it to something else you will never know.

    Good luck.
  8. Canberra is a rip.
    Have a look in Sydney (many more to choose from) and ride it home!!
  9. Or just wait until winter and get a freakn bargain :wink:
  10. Like I said, Im gonna try and get someone who knows their stuff to come look with me, volunteers welcome! :grin:

    Scratches sums up the damage I'd think, but who knows(not me thats certain!). I was thinking of arguing it down to 3.5K if i can (would help with someone who knows ..anything there with me). Getting a service thrown in would be nice

    Looking at bikesales.com 3.5K would be spot on I think, oh and its at Canberra motorcycle center, so probably overpriced but they have been recommended to me by a lot of people.

    If you know your stuff or even just know someone down there, PLEASE come down with me some time. I'll even buy you a beer :LOL:
  11. Redbook


    This is taken from redbook.


    T Cycle Road Manual 6sp 250cc (Aug 1995)
    Trade in price guide* $1,900 - $2,300
    National average price - private sale* $2,900 - $3,500
    Price when new (RRP) $7,999
    all prices quoted are GST inclusive

    Best of luck. Shop around. Don't be to keen.

  12. Cobes71 unfortunately redbook is not an accurate way of assessing bike price. It gives you a ballpark figure but is always a little under the real price.
  13. But as a buyer its good to have that info.
  14. I used to work at a car dealership (not a sales person, dont hurt me!)
    so I figured there was 1-1.5K in profit for the dealer in the bike.

    I really would appreciate it if anyone could go down and look at it, there are 2 across' down there but I only looked at the one.
    Probably should go down and check out the other, its a year older, and selling for $500 more so its probably in better condition.

    I'll ask someone for help at Tilleys this monday probably :grin:
    Oh and I know im waaay too keen, but 40 mins on that bike was fun! :LOL:

    Edit: almost forgot, thanks Shane that does make sense, they usually go high so you can "bargain them down to a steal of a deal" bahaha
  15. Margins in bikes


    I believe the margins in both new and used bikes has dropped quite alot over time.

    The dealers make money from the follow on servicing of the bike. They also do alot of package dealing on the gear to get rid of old stock. The mark up on bike gear in Australia is really quite remarkable.

    Due mainly to us being such a small market on the world stage.

    You may pay more at a dealer than a private sale.

    But with a dealer you will also get a warranty of some description, that they factor into the price. They also detail the bikes a little better.

    Your best bet is to negotiate things like Tyres, Gear, Rego and Transfer. As sometimes making them move on bike price is a little difficult. But you may get lucky with things they already have in stock.

    Best of luck
  16. Sounds like you never saw my 250 just before I sold it, lil bugger was shining (even under the fairings!).
  17. I used to be a car detailer, so thats not a prob at least :LOL:
  18. I have seen your new bike


    I will say you are definately the exception to the rule.

    Your bike has looked good everytime I see it.

    But generally speaking the shops do that little bit extra to extract every cent they can.

    If you are ever after spare cash Jared. My bikes in the garage !!!!

  19. FYI my 2002 NSR150SP with 11,000ks was $4000 with 12 months rego from a dealer (I think they had $4,900 plus on road/rego costs originally)

    Ha...oops OLD THREAD!!!!!!! Mwahahahaaaaaaaaa