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test rode speed triple on wednesday

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Pez, Aug 6, 2010.

  1. OMFG what a machine:biker:

    worlds away from my VTR250 but i was so impressed i put $1000 on a red and white special edition within 5 min of gettin off it...

    i was suposed to pick it up today but im gettin a bit stuffed around by the bank so im goin to have to wait till after the 17th... im going to have to drool on the peter stevens window for a little longer:eek:hno:


  2. congratulations man!
  3. This one? Then Im jealous.... very nice! [​IMG]
  4. Good choice of bike and I'm sure it'll keep you happy for many years to come. Love the single sided swingarm on it.

    Nice colour too if it's the same as posted above.
  5. oh man they are the nicest bike!! well done, won't be unhappy!! :D

    pics when ya get it :)
  6. thats the one.. i was going to go for the matt black but saw the red and white and the rest is history...

    Pics will come soon as i get it..
  7. did you ride a street triple as well before choosing?
  8. Mate has a white one!!! they are pretty awesome... if was to get a sports bike, this or the street triple would be the choice.

    congrats... with all that power, watch your license!!!!
  9. Lucky bugger, I'm jealous
  10. Mad bikes. Rode my friends one the other week. That instant power and ride position is sweeeeeeeeeet. Well done.
  11. Have you done any other test rides on other bikes?
  12. rode the street triple too but i do a lot of long straight riding to and from work 65k each way so liked the bigger one better..

    im definately going to have to watch the speedo i thought i was doin 60 on the test ride and looked down, whoops 90
  13. Trumpy's are freakin awesome...i just got my 2011 se Daytona but was very close to getting a Speed Triple...but for an upright riding position bike i will eventually buy a tourer like a BMW GS 1200 or KTM Adventure
  14. I test road a speed triple last weekend. Great bike, it wheelies soo easily :)

    I did find the engine a little boring but maybe it was just the lack of aftermarket pipes.
  15. oh my
    that stripe is amazing
  16. Just got the OK from the bank... it will be mine on monday....

    i went in to PS yesterday and it has the bar end mirrors and rear wheel hugger on it that i ordered and it looks bloody sweet=D>
  17. you will love it ...I know I do !
  18. AMAZING bike! A mate of mine Luke is factory sponsored by them, ridden both speed trip and Street trip... just so much fun to do silly things on :D

  19. Bloody hell the Striples look wicked with the flyscreen and belly pan combo.
  20. Is that lukey luke? that bloke is nuts but very entertaining