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Test rode a Street Triple R & Daytona

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by cazzo, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. Last weekend we went shopping for a new lid and to have a closer look and chat abouit the Striple at PS Ringwood. Kirby the salesman suggested I book a ride for this Saturday on StripleR as it's a Triumph ride day.
    So I rocked up today, did the paper work had a chat and booked a ride on the Daytona 675 as well.

    The ride was through the back of Warrandyte back through Chirnside park, about a 45 minute loop of mainly flowing twisties.

    Street Triple R; First thing I noticed was how up right you are and the spongey feeling seat. I must admit I didn't settle in straight away as I'd just gotten off my bike, with a little time you'd adjust. Don't get me wrong it is a comfy bike, I feel it being quite diverse in it's application. The clutch feels light but the reach is pretty long, gearbox I had mixed feelings, bit notchy but I suspect it'd free up with a few more K's under it's belt. I can understand why people love these bikes, it feels very light and nimble with a reasonable amount of go to it. I would purchase an R as it felt quite compliant in it's ride so any softer like a standard would be too soft.
    I think it would make a fantastic all round bike, commute in comfort and carve up the hills on weekends.

    Daytona 675 with factory quick shifter & Arrow pipe; Seating is similar to my bike, but the rearsets are higher and further back and the clipons are not out as wide, seat is wide but still pretty hard. The riding position is probably a little more upright than mine but is very comfy in an attack style position.
    Where do I start? This bike is brilliant! It once again feels light and nimble and manouvering around the tank is easy. It has great power, very linear, super smooth, great gearbox and a very addictive quick shifter! Oh, it sounds awesome too.
    Overall I'm extremely impressed and I would puchase one if it's the only bike I had to have. I would purchase a standard as the ride was firm any firmer like an R would be uncomfortable.

    Why am I looking? Well sometimes I don't feel like riding a supersport bike especially on and urban ride, hills no problems. Plus my wife gets off her restrictions early next year so I'm looking at a bike I can utilise a little now and she can jump straight onto the day she gets off her restrictions. I think the Striple R is the perfect transition bike for anyone, with ample power, comfortable ride and position and a lot of ability to it.

    I must commend the staff at PS Ringwood. Absolutely zero pressure to come in and sign you up. And the assistance in finding the right lid for my wife, their service has been fantastic so far.

    BTW, I have no affiliation with Triumph or PS.
  2. For the Striple R I understand this comment.....

    For the Daytona R I do not....

    Good review (y) I am testing the Striple R Vs. Husky Nuda 900R Vs. Shiver 750 sport next satdy'.......should be interesting
  3. Well the Daytona was more out of interest, right place right time and 'what the hell, why not'. But my wife seriously wants a Daytona, more so after my test ride.
  4. Hahaha....fair enough too.....

    They are a serious bike though.....not too sure about "real world application"

    Hell - the Striple R is on top of a very short list for me.....good luck with the new wheels - whichever they may be
  5. Happy to admit the 675 would be easier to live with than my 1098, purely about how smooth the engine is versus a big cams in a V twin package.
  6. Thanks for the review . IT justified my dession to get the 675r which I have ordered. Will be nice to get used after my LAMS.
  7. My partner has a Striple R and it is simply an awesome bike. There's not much it can't do.

  8. Too true - I tested the 1100 EVO Hypermotard two weeks ago......compared to the 796 it was impolite.

    Big engine compression on throttle close and snatchy on open.....but LOVELY torque :demon:

    On the other hand, the 796 was much more free revving. The front end felt welded to the road - much better package IMO
  9. Nice one.
  10. Mate, you have made a brilliant choice of machine, there is doubt you will enjoy every minute riding it. When we were having a chat after the ride, they asked my thoughts. I pulled my bike key out of my pocket and said 'swap?', they looked at the key not knowing what it was so showed them the key ring and said it's down there...They did have a puzzled look on thier faces.

    But seriously, the hype is justified I am truly impressed with the Daytona but I think the Striple R is a great bike as well.

    BTW, what colour scheme did you get and tell me you got the quick shifter and pipe...Oh, seems I may live around the corner from you...wanna swap \\:D/
  11. I was speaking to Alex Cudlin the other day, and he said the same thing :)
  12. I will get the d675R which only only comes in white and red. It will have quickshifter and upgraded brakes, and shocks. Still thinking about the pipe, pipes just dont do it for me yet. 1st point of call will be to the local machaninc of mine to dial in the preload and soften the shocks up for street riding.
  13. On a whim I decided to look at the Street Triple and R at JCS Motorcycles in Perth today. Great service and not at all pushie. Offered me a test ride straight away on the standard (with the Arrow pipe fitted). I'm still struggling to wipe the grin off my face. The bike felt light, handled well, and the throttle response was great.

    Unfortunately I was limited to a short circuit on mostly 60km/h roads with a little bit of 80km/h, so I couldn't put it through its paces. Not that I really would have - I was squidding and was always going to ride an unfamiliar bike cautiously. As for the front end being "welded to the road", I didn't feel that at all - in fact it took all my self control not to let the front lift off.

    When I walked back into the shop, I was pretty much followed by a cop in uniform, which led to a few nervous minutes, despite my good behaviour. Turned out he was just window shopping on his lunch break.

    The Striple (or R - trying to work out whether the adjustable suspension and upgraded front brake are worth the extra grand) is firmly at the top of my list of wanted bikes now, but I'm looking to others to compare. Any other suggestions for a similar sized bike, comfortable for both weekend rides and commuting?
  14. Would've been fun for those minutes. Not.
  15. None.
  16. The street triple?

  17. Testing a Street Triple R this weekend also:
    Husquvana Nuda 900R Vs. Aprilia Shiver 750 and Tiger 800 - going to be a full day in test pilot mode this Saturday :D
  18. I'd love a go on the Husky!
  19. Yes...... Going to very interesting.

    Great 3 page article in this month's AMCN

    Tablet talkin'
  20. The R is most certainly worth the extra bit.
    When my GF gets her full licence she wants a Striple and I will push her towards the R. Heck I would even chip in the extra to get the R over the standard myself.