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Test rode a CB400 today...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by I Adore Vic, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. Whilst my bike was getting it's new rear tyre put on, I was offered the chance to take out a CB400. Having never ridden anything over 250cc before I got a little bit scared, but figured seeing it was similar to the VTR in that it had the upright seating position and only an extra 150cc, I'd be fiiine!


    Seat felt a little bit higher and wider but I was still able to flat foot it. Controls are in the same place as the VTR's so didn't have to worry about getting 'lost' there. Got on and pulled out onto the hwy and that's when it occured to me that this bike was very different to the VTR in that it wasn't a VTwin...hahaha...never ridden an Inline 4 before. Wow! Talk about rev! :shock: :LOL:

    So there I am 'cruising' along in first with the bike revving like mad and I go to click it up into second and nothing! Air! Where the f*&^%$! hell is the gear shift? Indicate left and pull into a busstop and look down for the gear shift.. It's there. Right where it should be. Pull back out again and go to shift up to second and nothing again....I'm like WTF?! Where is it! Turn left in first down a residential st and pull over again - yep - there it is - test changing up to second and realise that it's gonna take more than a flick up of the toes to reach the shift - (this is something that can be easily adjusted to suit however I'm on a test ride and adjusting levers isn't an option right now).

    So pull back out and give it an almighty kick up into second - get neutral instead - revving even more - hahaha - and then kick it again up into second. Hmm...cruising along but rather concerned about the revs. A quick glance at the tacho tells me I"m sitting on 3000rpm...lol...but it's revving, like really heaps. :LOL: Up into third and still revving I'm like okay, this is what non-VTwin bikes do maybe, or maybe I'm not riding it properly! Anyway, keep going along thinking everyone in Mornington must be able to hear those revvs happening. :LOL: Changing down gears not so bad, however a blip of the throttle doesn't seem as effective on the CB400 as it is on the VTR250 but that may be because I've never blipped a throttle on an Inline 4 before. ;) I figured I'd go back tot he dealership and ask them about the rev range/gears and was told that that's what these bikes do - rev. haha..

    It was actually a whole lot of fun and I spent much of the time going 'WTF?' whilst laughing my head off. Felt very easy to ride and would've liked to have spent a bit more time getting to know it as I reckon it'd be a great ride once I knew what to expect with it.

    I was then offered a ride on a CBR600 but I totally totally chickened out. My excuse was it was getting dark and there was traffic about and roads were a bit wet, however the honest to God truth is that I was scared. CB400 yeah I reckon I could handle, but the CBR600 - gotta wonder what it feels like riding that thing with the whole freakin rev thing happening. ;) :LOL:
  2. Hehe yeah there is a big difference from v2 and i4, most noticeably for me was when in twisties. On my SV theres heaps of engine braking, but on i4 you have to get on the brakes alot more to wipe off speed.

    600cc isn't too scary for me but I've got a vtwin 650 so its not THAT much different. 1000cc on the other hand is still 'wow' territory as I haven't adjusted to it :LOL: I'm sure soon I'll be over that and repeat it all again with a busa or 14 :D
  3. the rev thing was the hardest thing i had to deal with when first going from my storm to the gixxer, found myself changing gears at about the same revs as i would on the storm and it was slightly sluggish but would still pull, it wasm't until a forced myself to just ring its neck out in second i got an idea of what i should have been doing, at a speed not quite as fast as the top speed on my old gs500
  4. Woo hoo... good onya, Rosie! You've started! :grin:

    I found it different getting on a VTR250 when they were servicing my 250RR, especially the 1st time. You adjust to it though. I'm guessing it's more obvious with the larger bikes, but I've never tried a >250 twin :?
  5. Was it a CBR600RR? They are a lovely little bike to ride, even for us dedicated V-Twin riders! :grin: You should have had a go at it.

    Although, getting dark, and in traffic. Maybe not. I rode one at the last Honda open day, and although I got leg cramps the following day :shock: it was a heap of fun. It didn't mind a fistful of throttle, and handled beautifully.
  6. Good One Rosie !!!

    Seems you've been bitten by the RPM bug :p
    You are a very competent rider from what I've read, You would feel at home on a more powerful bike in no time.
    That said .. I'm off on my lil 250 :p
  7. I had the exact same experience going from the Spada to the GSXF400 - it sounded like it was revving its nuts off at very low revs. It's just due to twice as many firing events in each rev, so (very roughly) it sounds as though it's revving twice as hard as a V2 at the same revs. The small I4s also have tiny pistons and spin up really fast. Took a while to get used to but I ended up loving it!
  8. So is there a 400/4 in the Rosie future, then ??
  9. Well it's good to hear i'm not the only one who got all surprised by the higher revs. What a spinner!! :shock: :LOL: Qbn, I was riding it like I'd ride the VTR - get up to a certain speed and shift up a gear. Wasn't sure when to go up or down and just was totally lost on the bloody thing... :LOL: If it had a brain it would've been mirroring my 'WTF?' thoughts :LOL:

    Hornet - I wouldn't buy one now (cos I've got my sights on bigger bikes), however if I was looking for a first bike, a 400 would def be on the list and pretty high up too. But no, it's bigger bikes for me but the main two (going off what I want and looks) are the GSXR750 and the Aprilia Shiver (750). Awesome...totally awesome... :cool:

    Roderick - I don't know if it was the RR or not. :? What's the difference between the RR and the *blank*?

    Interesting about the engine braking Phizog - esp. in the twisties. Ah well...if I get an inline 4 I'll just have to ride it heaps till I finally 'understand it all'. And then I'll just keep riding it heaps because it'll be black and sexy and fun and smooth and :cool: and fun...lots of fun I'm guessing. :grin:
  10. Well basically if it was the current or last year's model, it would be the CBR600RR.

    If it was a second hand bike they had on hand, it could have been a CBR600F, which was sold from 1987 to 2006. The CBR600RR replaced the CBR600F, in its final incarnation of the CBR600F4i.

    A little history here.
  11. The current 600RR traces its roots back to 2003, when it was sold alongside the CBR600F4. Prior to that Honda sold two versions of the CBR600F, one a little more sporty than the other (dual seat as opposed to single+pillion pad).

    They also sold the 600 Hornet (which you'd be familiar with) and this used the old F3 engine. Late last year they introduced the new 600 Hornet which is a much more radical looking.

    The latest 600RR is an evolution of the previous models, sharper styling, updated engine and running components.

    All still bikes though, so never be scared of riding them, they only do what you tell them (in theory at least!).

    Go the Shiver!
  12. Aprilia FTW!! :wink:
  13. The Shiver looks nice! Although the gixxa is dead sexy too :grin:
    You'll just have to try them.
    I actually liked the look of the R6 and gixxa6 best, and the others weren't bad, but when I tried them only one felt like my buddy :wink:

    Sure seems like you're ready for an upgrade, so I reckon you'll love it :grin:

  14. my mate has a gs500 and my first bike was a cbr250rr.

    his 500 has plenty of torque and a rumble as you cruise along.

    i still rest my case though that you havent ridden a bike untill youve tried a cbr250rr at 18,000 rpm. it makes you feel like your on a turbo charged whipper snipper which is about to explode. UNREAL
  15. LOL @ Rosie...

    her face on returning to the shop was classic...

    Rosie.. the little I4's rev all the way round the clock to like 12 000 rpm..

    they only really start making power at around 6/7000 rpm... totally different to the V..

    the offer is still there for you to ride a few bikes to get a feel for them..

    hell, i've got the CBR600RR at home if you want to take it for a quick spin..

    how did you go on the GSX ??
  16. Hi Rosie. If you were riding the 400 4-cyclinder, then you were riding a bike without much torque. They need to be revved hard and love it. That's where they operate the best. Not really a good bike to draw comparisons with a modern day 600 supersport or your GSXR750, IMHO.

    However, it did give you a taste for the difference in riding an inline-4, as compared to a V-twin. It all happens higher in the revs and eventually you get used to a bike that, while sounding like it's revving its tits off, is really only quite low in its rev range :) Generally speaking, inline-4s are the sort of bike that you have to take control of and ride with purpose; as compared to V-twins, which tend to be a more relaxed kind of power.

    However, the GSXR750 is high enough up in the engine size range that will afford you a decent amount of low down power, allowing you to ride more relaxed, yet when you get serious and hit the higher revs, it will blast you along at warp factor 10.
  17. If you look closely on the tacho, you'll see an indicator from around 6000rpm that indicates where the VTEC kicks in. Hold it ope till just before the redline then change :) I found the CB 400 was good for about 100km/h in 2nd.