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Test Riding GSXR600 in Melbourne

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Sir Lancelot, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. I'm trying to find somewhere to test ride an 08 GSX-R600 in Melbourne - even an 07 will probably do. Does anyone know a shop that has a demo bike? I'm waiting to hear back from Peter Stevens next week, but so far no bike. Called a few other places and they either don't have the bike or won't loan it for test riding (due to joy riders). Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  2. just look up the suzi dealers in melbourne i wouldnt mind coming along too
  3. Go and see Kirby at Peter Stevens Ringwood store, he is a great guy to deal with, we had no trouble arranging a test ride on both a 600 and 750:)
  4. As it turns out I called up Peter Stevens in Ringwood. Kirby may well be who I'm waiting to hear from next week. I'll post back if I manage to get a test ride somewhere.
  5. Did you try bryners suzuki in frankston?
  6. Haven't tried Bryners yet, I'll wait to hear back from Peter Stevens and BTX, if that is a no go, I'll chase up Bryners. I went to look at the GSX on the weekend - pics can't do enough justice, it's freaking eye candy. Certainly surprised me some. It makes the CBR vs GSXR a tough choice.
  7. A1 motorcycles in Brighton have an 08' GSX-R600 for test ride.
  8. Have been struggling with the same thing... Peter Stevens in the city are USELESS - they don't care and won't go out of their way to do anything for you. It's like they don't want to sell you a bike. I couldn't get a test on either the GSXR or CBR - what the?!?
    Kirby out at Ringwood has been great, and I'll probably trek out there just to get it from him. I'd rather he got the commission than any of the city idiots.
    Ringwood now only has a white one in stock, which is hot but not my style. They are in seriously short supply around the country now, so testers are hard to get hold of. I'm waiting for A1 to get back to me, haven't tried anywhere else.
  9. Yeah, Kirby is the man. Definitely recommend Peter Stevens Ringwood. Helped me out heaps. I believe they're getting more GSXRs in the next few weeks if you're after a particular colour.
  10. yeah sir,
    I had the same problem with Peter Stevens in the city, I was pretty keen on a Duke monster they have but after a week of calling everyday,three trips in there and numerous excuses i couldn't get a test ride either.
    But i ended up getting a good one privately and their bike is still sitting there,so who's the loser in this situation. but was quite frustrating ,don't think they are that determined to sell their bikes