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QLD Test-riding bigger bikes on restricted licence?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Clayt0nB, Apr 29, 2014.

  1. Went to a dealer yesterday and checked out a nice R6 whilst I am on my RE's for another month and he said it was legal for me to take it for a ride as long as I am following one of them and their insurance would cover me.

    Went through the paperwork signed the usual things and went for a ride...

    Called up another dealer today to enquire about a CBR600rr and mentioned my previous ride wondering if it would be possible for me to take the CBR for a spin to compare the two and they said it would not be possible for me to ride whilst on my RE's.

    So who is in the wrong? Am I legally aloud to test ride with the company of a dealer? I can't seem to find much info online on the subject.

    Of course the CBR dealer might just be saying no because he doesn't want me to ride it, but that is his loss.

  2. Whilst the INSURER might allow the scenario you describe, which is doubtful, the law doesn't. Just wait the month.
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  3. The first dealer is wrong. If you had gotten caught it would be you paying the fine not the dealer, oh and most insurance companies will void the insurance if you are riding a bike you are not licensed to ride.
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  4. Hah, okay, fair enough.

    Must've been dodgy.

    Thanks for the info!
  5. If you ride the larger bike your classed as a learner so you need to wear l plates and ride accompanied by an open licensed rider (this would have been the dealer going with you).
    Im not sure if you can 'learn' within the 12 months of gaining your restricted licence though.
  6. Yeah I had another dealer say it was legal if I had my restrictions for over 12 months (when you are eligible to go for fulls)
  7. Sorry in advanced if there is already a thread for this topic. I searched and didn't find any that were what I was looking for.

    Question is. I've had my RE learner a for almost 2 years (been occupied). I know I have to do q-ride. But once I have done the course have my certificate and have updated my license.

    What will my restrictions be after that?

    Will I still be required to ride a lams bike?

  8. don't know how it works interstate, but in SA if you're on R-Date, even if that date has passed and you're eligible for a full license, you're still considered to be on R Date because that's what your license says.

    So long as you are on R Date, in SA you are only legally licensed to ride a Learner Approved Motorcycle.
  9. There is a loop hole :)
    I use to take RE's out for testies all the time. first you had to proove you could afford the bike... cash or credit check, and be nice and not a wanker.
    Then I would print off a little slip that I give all my RE students. And that allowed you to come out with me, and me only.
    A few bike shops have instructors lurking around......
    And that's how some can legally, and others..... not
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  10. Once you successfully complete your QRide 'R' course you can ride any bike ... you cannot carry a pillion for 1 year.
  11. Cheers for that. Couldn't make heads or tails from Qld transport
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  12. No problem.
    TMR has confusion down to an artform =D
  13. Ok so I have been reading everything I can find on DOT and am none the wiser for it. I am well over 12 months on RE O licence, and while I am booked in to upgrade to an R licence in September I was thinking I would like to test ride a few "bigger bikes" in the mean time. Am I able to do this while still on my RE O or not until I have my open licence? Cheers.
  14. You will need L plates and be accompanied by on R license holder. Your classed as a learner on the bigger bikes.
  15. I was hoping that's how it was, thanks Vertigo1:]
  16. With all due respects to Vertigo1, who may well be right, it's your license and therefore your responsibility to ride according to it's rules and any limitations that apply.
    It's also your choice to decide whether you care or not. If you do I suggest you get an official view of the issue.
  17. Cheers Mcsenna, also with due respect to Vertigo1, I was planning on getting official confirmation, just thought if someone knew I would know if it was worth pursuing.
  18. Ok so for the record, I dropped in to the local DOT office here in Mackay and asked the question. The official answer is:
    "once you have your RE O licence you are no longer a learner. Therefore you cannot ride an open class bike until you hold an R O licence".
    Thanks @Mcsenna@Mcsenna I appreciate your input on this.
    While still on this subject though, I would like to put it out there that if someone on their RE O licence is no longer a learner, why do they have to pass another test? When I got my drivers licence I only had to pass one test then do my time on P plates. Voila! open licence! If I were at all cynical I could come to the conclusion that it is a money raising exercise? Not sure if DOT get any kick backs from QRide schools? Obviously they get cash from new licence applications. Just my thoughts.
  19. No probs @Dave72@Dave72. There are ongoing discussions on the licensing systems in this country on here. If you want do a search. You might find more questions than answers though.
  20. I weep for tomorrow in a land of bureaucrats that don't even know their own BS rules. In Queensland you can indeed ride a class R bike with an RE licence as a Learner under the supervision of an R licence holder of 12 months' standing. See their own guidebook (Queensland Motorcycle Riders Guide, May 2014 edition, Page 2):


    where it says "Before applying for a class R licence you must have held a class RE licence for a minimum period of 12 months. After this period you are automatically authorised to commence learning to ride a class R motorcycle (i.e. a motorcycle that is not LAM scheme approved). While riding on the class R motorcycle you must display a yellow L plate and be supervised by a person who has held a class R open licence for at least 12 months."

    Clearly you can ride a class R motorcycle without an R O licence, as otherwise how do they test you at the second QRide? A bit of a catch 22.
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