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Test riding a bike on L's

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by DaRock, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. This might be a stupid questions, but....

    I'm going for my L's soon and while I'm researching bikes, I haven't spoken to any dealers yet. What I'm wondering, as a learner will dealers let you test ride bikes you might want to buy??
  2. It will differ from one place to another.
    Best to either call and ask or go there and ask for a test ride.
  3. That's pretty much it. Most will not let you test ride anything when you're on your Ls. However, some may let you test ride an older used model to get an idea of it. That's how I was first sold on a VTR (a 5 year old one with 35,000 km on the odometer rode about the same - smoothly, including gear changes - as the new one I ended up buying).
  4. Dealers let me test ride everything I asked to (mostly used bikes, but a couple of new ones too).

    I'd say your best bet is to just confidently say "I'd like to take that bike for a test ride." if you 'um' and 'ah' about whether you can because you're on your Ls the dealers are probably going to be less open to letting you have a ride because you seem hesitant and nervous.
  5. Put it this way. I would never buy a car I have haven't tested. I applied the same theory to when I started shopping for bikes. Dealer won't let you? Walk. I did.
  6. it does depend on the dealer. and/or private seller depend on who your refering to.

    Some dealers even upfront and offered me test rides.

    if your asking about private sellers, depends. I had one dousche, cocky guy, up front go to me and say "bring cash deposit and a price" and then we'll see if you can take a ride". Most people in general i found were a lil' more friendly.

    It's a so so situation depending on the seller (dealer or private)
  7. I had no problem testing riding the stores demo GS500 day after I got my L's. I could have ridden any demo LAMS approved bike they had in store. I certainly wouldn't buy without test riding first. I will admit though I was shit scared of crashing it!
  8. I hear you....almost as shit scared when you picked up your new bike and drove it out of the dealership? :grin:
  9. Thanks all. I will definitly feel more confident asking to test ride now. I'm after and older second hand bike anyway, so it sounds like many dealers wont have a problem.
  10. +1, +1 ... before i bought my bike, i was soo scared to test ride it, i got my mate to ride it for me. Despite the dude being fully cool with me riding it.

    Off topic slighty, if you did happen to stack a bike on a test ride ... wots the procedure from there ? i assume they have insurance, but would you be held responsible ?
  11. They have insurance....but all the rides I have been on they make you sign your life away....ie if you drop it you are up for usually around 2k excess!
  12. 2k excess >.< o dam. most likely a way to keep the demo's turning becoz they know their most likely to get stack'd.