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Test Rides

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by althasaur, Dec 28, 2007.

  1. How do you guys go about getting on a strange bike for a test ride?

    I went into a dealer today to have a look at a few bikes, and perhaps test ride but I was so nervous.... :?

    I was looking at a er6n and a kle500.... both on sale right now .. (2k off for er6n, 1.5k off kle500) + orc.

    Had a sit on the er6n but it felt so different to what I am used to it made me shy away from it.

    I have organised a test ride for the kle on Monday though.

    Hoping to keep my nerves about that considering what I ride at the moment.. :)
  2. Before I rode the first bike other than my own I was a bit nervous about it, but after your first try of something else you'll want to keep trying everything :)

    I found the er6n very strange to sit on too, even my zzr was sportier which made the er6 feel like a dirtbike.
  3. Just take it easy mate, and get a feel for the machine in cruiser mode. It takes a while to get use to a machine fully even after you buy it.

    You'll be right, its the nerves that will keep you at bay!
  4. just get in there and talk to the guys in the shop. any sales man worth his salt know you'll probibley test about 5 bikes before you buy any thing and it's a numbers game. also you wont buy unless you ride it first.

    if you just want to try a bike and have no intention on buying. try going in on a normal week day. the staff have less punter in so will not be trying to prioritize you so much. as i said it's just a numbers game to them. but you have to sit down with them and talk the talk first. pain that part. i'd just like to pop on in and go for a spin. i would have bought my Triumph years earlier if that was the go.
  5. Thanks for the comments guys....

    There is not much in my price range that I would like to buy so I suppose I had better try them all...

    I'll let you all know soon what I am getting... :)
  6. It would help if you could take a more experienced rider with you, perhaps he/she could take you for a ride pillion (or maybe the sales person could) to give you a general feel for the bike.

    But the other folk are right too; it's just amazing how quickly you get used to a different seating position, pedals, etc.

    (My dealer once loaned me a 250 Virago to get around on while the Hornet was in for a service; THAT was the same feeling, but in reverse!!}
  7. It comes down to experience. You will find that eventually you'll be able to hope on any bike and have her ticking along in 10 min.
    Just get as much exposure to as many rides as possible. It great for building your confidence! :wink: