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test rides

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Grendel, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. Here's the dilemma:

    I'm on my P's but the bike I want. is has _just_ been listed for sale. in the ACT, not many rare bikes come up for sale. so...

    a) should I buy the bike and just hold onto it until I'm off my P's?

    b) I very probably won't be able to test ride so does anybody know any bike mechanics who could test ride and look it over for me?

    so f-ing tempting....
  2. buy it, don't ride it till you've got your fulls.

    and yes, get someone to ride it and check it over.
  3. I would hold off till at least July, if it's a rare bike then it might not even sell as it's getting cold, then call him and get your mechanic to check it, he will take it to him by then as his wife will be yelling at him for having not sold it.
  4. depends on your nerves... and your wallet.

    Vertical C points out a great point: its heading into winter. Nobody buys bikes at this time of year. In a month or two the fellow could accept a lower price.

    But if you do buy it before you get your fulls, you won't be able to resist...
  5. It's on consignment at a dealership so I went to check it out today. Place was a bit busy and they saw me approaching with my P plates, so didn't even hint at a test ride. but they answered all my questions and let me drool on it a bit.

    good point about winter approaching. I'll spend the time ringing around for cheap finance.
  6. Don't drool too much or they won't drop the price because they'll realize how much you want it :D
  7. Hi, Just out of curiosity is that a S4RS?
    Anyway, good luck with your purchase...
  8. I agree with modern_ninja.

    I personally bought a r6 loong before I was supposed to ride it as it was too good a deal to pass up. I had intended just to ride round the block once a week to keep it going until I got off my L plates and passed my P test etc and became legal

    What actually happened was my 250 was mothballed until needed for the licence tests, after which it was sold - I rode my r6 everywhere including all the bike rallys I went to hours and hours away

    Too tempting to ride it IMO
  9. Most dealerships I went to let me ride the bike when I was still on my restrictions. They didn't seem to care just as long as I signed my life away on the release form.
    If you have done your research and found that the bike is a very nice price then it can be very tempting............................................... I know that more than ever.

  10. Yes it is. Do you know the owner?

    I'm speaking with finance providers to see if there's a tax effective way to buy this. It'll give me something else to think about other than whether I should buy it or not.

    2 modern_ninja: I'm sure all my friends will want to see the bike and they don't come around as much as I go to visit them.
  11. Buy it now and take it to the track untill you get your full license
  12. And if you do buy it, flog it senseless.

    S4RS does not do gentle.

    If you are a bit timid, the track may be the place to get to know it.